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Aon’s HR Talks podcast, interviews experts in the employee benefits, employment and wellness fields who share the latest thinking on a variety of key trends and themes, along with actionable insights.

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Series 1: Episode 1
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Embracing inclusivity

Having a diverse workplace – in which everyone is seen and heard – is beneficial to all. Thankfully, DEI is being foregrounded across the world of work to give people real equity and prevent discriminatory conduct. How do companies measure the success of and sustain their DEI strategies? Avneet Kaur, from Aon’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team, talks us through what DEI really means and how to implement DEI strategies properly.

Series 1: Episode 2
Mental Health: Awareness and challenges around mental health

Everyone’s talking about mental health right now, but how do we make sure employees have the right support and employers the right tools to ensure it? We speak to Charles Alberts, from the Wellbeing Solutions team at Aon, and Nick Taylor, clinical psychologist and CEO of Unmind, about the change in mental health awareness that COVID-19 has brought about and what employers should do to help people maintain a healthy mind.

Series 1: Episode 3
The Ageing Population: Why it’s time to take notice

The ageing population is a looming issue in employment and one that needs to climb the corporate agenda; we’re all living longer so could spend longer in work in later life when we are more likely to be unwell. Plus, increasingly, many people have elderly dependents and sandwiched caring responsibilities. What does the data tell us about the future of work with an ageing population and how can employers prepare now for the impact of an ageing workforce? Mark Witte, head of propositions and consulting for the UK health business of Aon, joins us to discuss.

Series 1: Episode 4
Reflection and Engagement: What employees think about their workplace

How do we really know what employees think about their workplace? How do we get employees to be honest about how they feel? It’s important so that leaders can base their decisions on what the real issues are, rather than diluted opinions. Aon’s new Reflections platform measures gut reactions rather than surveying. Learn more about the technology and how it is improving the work environment in this podcast, featuring Helen Payne, strategic consultant at Aon, and Simon Stapleton Co Founder and Director of Truthsayers.

Series 1: Episode 5
Men’s Health: The importance of Men’s health in the workplace

Everyone’s health is equally important, but different groups present different needs and challenges for employers. For example, men are less likely than women to seek help when their mental health struggles. When it comes to physical health, men are also less likely than women to see doctors to rule out serious issues if they find unexpected symptoms. How can the workplace support men to overcome this cultural problem, seek help when they need it and enjoy great health? Dr Shaun Davis, global director of compliance and sustainability for Royal Mail Group, joins the podcast to discuss.

Series 1: Episode 6
Financial Wellbeing: Using smart habits

Employers have long focused on employees' physical health, offering gym memberships and healthcare plans to workers. But in order to support holistic wellbeing, companies also need to support colleagues with their financial wellbeing. We hear from Zoe Boothroyd, financial coach at Aon, and Martin Parish, financial wellbeing lead at Aon, on why the workplace is the perfect setting for financial discussions that can improve employee wellbeing.

Series 1: Episode 7
Employee Benefits: In the digital world

Perks of the job can make the difference between a good employer and a great one. They help with staff morale and can prevent high turnover. But what do excellent benefits packages look like today and how do employers know what is working for their staff? Jon Bryant, director of technology and engagement at Aon, joins us to discuss how employee benefits should keep up with our fast-changing world.

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