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Crisis Management

Geopolitical tensions, rising terrorism threats, natural catastrophes and third-party exposures all have the potential to have a significant and potentially lasting impact on energy firms. Since energy firms are highly dependent on the resilience of a network of global businesses, a crisis can bring global operations to a standstill, with severe financial impacts across the entire supply chain.

Crises are a significant threat to energy firms globally. Recent losses in the energy sector have reinforced the need for effective insurance and risk management programs to safeguard employees, operations and finances.

A robust crisis management strategy should include:

  • Event management
  • Forensics & investigation
  • Notifications & call centres
  • Corrective action/security remediation
  • Crisis management & public relations
  • Credit/IT theft monitoring


At Aon, Energy clients benefit from:

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  • Global Scope

  • Market Access

  • Tailored Solutions

  • Data-driven Insights

Global Team

When operating in diverse and remote regions, clients should expect an approach to risk management that is truly global and delivers collaborative solutions across the full risk profile.

At Aon, we deliver localised expertise on a global scale. Our market share and global footprint enable our teams to monitor market trends through sophisticated data and analytics, and develop models to forecast how these trends affect our clients. Our energy hubs operate in many regions, providing direct access to our global industry specialists, risk engineers, consultants and local and international insurance markets.