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Health & Benefits

As health care costs continue to rise, and legislative and economic changes alter the benefit landscape, energy firms are seeking innovative and cost-efficient employee health & benefits solutions. Employers today are expected to respond to, and reflect, employees’ interest in corporate social responsibility and offer greater flexibility to attract multi-generational employees. The need to deliver a reward structure that provides meaningful and engaging benefits that reflect these changing dynamics, has become an organisational imperative.

The future of health, benefits and rewards packages is changing rapidly. Designing and implementing an engaging and cost-efficient package demands data-driven insights and analytics. By harnessing benchmarking data and analytics, marketplace leverage, and industry-focused knowledge and experience, specialist teams deliver tailored solutions that are aligned to firms’ needs and objectives.


What to expect from a data-driven approach:

  • Pay Equity

  • Workforce Planning

  • Rewards Optimization

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Capability Building

  • Organizational Benchmarks

  • Integrated Health Team

Pay Equity: fairness is a core concern for employees and businesses alike. This means energy firms have a rare opportunity at hand to transform risks into advantages.

Workforce Planning: armed with the results of data modeling, organizations are ready to take control of how their business designs its workforce of the future.

Rewards Optimization: benchmarking packages is no longer enough, only by connecting with employees can businesses understand their career and life goals, and design a package to serve their needs.

Predictive Analytics: with data and modelling capabilities, energy firms can assess new hires’ predictive success from day one and invest in talent that will drive future development

Capability Building: tasked with making a company's people analytics ambitions a reality can be daunting. Partnering with experts brings new insights and capabilities to build a robust team.

Organizational Benchmarks: by harnessing global data resources, organizations can unlock new insights to reshape global talent and compensation conversations.

Integrated Health Team: a team including actuaries, physicians, clinicians, pharmacists, attorneys and consultants with health and productivity, data analytics, and health and welfare expertise enable firms to drive real change.