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Risk Financing & Captives

With specialized tools and methodologies, actuarial risk modelling can be used to estimate costs associated with different retentions and limits, to help tailor a (re)insurance program to match the loss profile unique to energy firms.

By working with energy firms, actuaries harness data-driven insights to understand firms’ risk modelling and loss forecasting needs and provide risk pricing and loss reserving in support of captive financing.

What to expect from risk financing & captives:

  • Prospective loss forecast analysis that can be used to:
    • Determine costs associated with different retentions or deductibles and limits
    • Tailor insurance program structure to match your loss profile
    • Provide reinsurance pricing support
    • Assist with captive feasibility analyses
    • Determine self-insurance/captive premium funding
  • IBNE loss reserve analysis, including captive loss reserve
  • Certification
  • Access to an extensive database of claims data gives a unique insight into issues affecting the industry. Analyses of this industry-wide data enables accurate benchmarking of firms’ loss profiles and performance against other industry players


At Aon, Energy clients benefit from:

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  • Global Scope

  • Market Access

  • Tailored Solutions

  • Data-driven Insights

Global Team

When operating in diverse and remote regions, clients should expect an approach to risk management that is truly global and delivers collaborative solutions across the full risk profile.

At Aon, we deliver localised expertise on a global scale. Our market share and global footprint enable our teams to monitor market trends through sophisticated data and analytics, and develop models to forecast how these trends affect our clients. Our energy hubs operate in many regions, providing direct access to our global industry specialists, risk engineers, consultants and local and international insurance markets.