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It all starts with people

In an increasingly automized world, people still matter. In fact, aligning your human capital to embrace change, manage disruption and tackle increasingly complex business processes is more important than ever, and can be the difference between success and failure. Aside from your long-term people strategy, your rewards programs are potentially the single greatest source of leverage your business has to drive and manage change through people. With a robust rewards strategy, you’ll be able to attract, retain and motivate the team you need to deliver great results.

As an aging workforce continues to reach retirement, replacing this expertise is critical to the continued development and success of energy firms; but global commercial and sociocultural pressures are a challenging barrier to overcome when attracting and retaining talent across the industry.

As future generations prepare to enter the workplace, the attraction of the energy industry is being diluted by: a global focus on climate change and social responsibility; values such as work/life balance, job satisfaction and job security outweighing salaries; declining appetite to relocate; and the appeal of alternative and technologically-capable industries.

Attracting and retaining talent is an immediate challenge for energy firms. Over the next 10 to 20+ years, these challenges will change. The shift away from hydrocarbons and towards renewables will gather momentum, demanding new skills and providing new opportunities for energy firms to develop their workforce. Responding to these changing challenges will demand evolution for energy firms.

For firms which invest in training and development, their employees will remain engaged and loyal. Working with a specialist talent and rewards team with an industry focus will enable organizations to identify and address both challenges and opportunities in attracting and retaining talent.

A robust strategy for attracting and retaining talent should consider:

  • Health & communications
  • Benefits technology
  • Employee engagement
  • Pensions technology
  • HR management tools

  • DC pensions
  • Consultancy from moving from DB to DC pensions
  • Medical, dental, EAP
  • Well being strategies

  • Risk insurance
  • Life, accident, disability
  • Risk strategies for FAB
  • Risk data analytics
  • Consultancy around risk benefits design

  • Health insurance
  • Medical, dental, EAP
  • Consultancy around health benefits design
  • Well being strategies
  • Health data analytics to understand how your employee health impacts your business