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Embracing Future Risks While Navigating Volatility and Optimizing Capital

Forward-thinking insurance companies propel our economy by protecting businesses, communities and governments, and in a world of rapidly evolving risks, insurers need to be agile and adaptable to remain relevant to their customers. To stay competitive, insurers increasingly need to embrace technology, data and analytics to improve efficiency and deliver value—while remaining attractive as employers to entice the best talent.

To navigate volatility, ranging from climate change to economic headwinds, insurers need to delve deep into understanding and mitigating risks by enhancing their view of risk. Data, tools and analytics must complement and shape risk transfer to help protect and grow their businesses.

This is where capital can provide a bridge between innovation and investment. Finding the right balance to optimize capital requires strategic decision-making to support growth and enhance both sides of the balance sheet. To meet these societal demands while delivering profitability, this requires more efficient, flexible and resilient enterprise structures to drive strong financial health.

Now more than ever, insurers require more holistic services and global insight to better understand and address their strategic, multi-faceted business needs across growth, capital, operational efficiency and talent. Aon supports insurance industry clients with more relevant and impactful insight and solutions to meet their strategic goals and make better business decisions.

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Transformative Trends

Creating New Markets

From carbon capture to intellectual property to social mobility, ten transformative trends are shaping the future risk landscape. Our research indicates reinsurers can capitalize on $200+ billion of market potential by 2030.

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