Health and Benefits

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Health and Benefits

The healthcare and benefits you provide are vital tools to support a healthy, productive workforce and to attract and retain talent.

Better Decisions to Optimize Your Health and Benefits

Organizations are caught up in a perfect storm where employee needs and expectations for employee benefits continue to expand amid a competitive talent market. At the same time, business leaders are trying to manage rising benefits costs.

Aon can provide the clarity and confidence to optimize your benefits spend by detecting what your employees truly value.

Our consultative approach combines strategic insights (gained through our extensive data analytics and actuarial capabilities) with innovative solutions that can help you mitigate risk, reduce cost and increase employee engagement. In addition, using our market intelligence, we’re able to identify future challenges and opportunities so your business can react intelligently and cost-effectively. This helps you balance costs while delivering the benefits required by today’s diverse workforce.

Leveraging our global market presence and strong industry relationships, we work alongside your team to design a unique benefits ecosystem to deliver the best outcomes to protect and grow your business. Our tailored approach to delivering the health and benefits outcome your business needs – such as improving costs, health, productivity, employee experience and/or retention – combined with our insights and expertise ensures you have clarity and confidence in the decisions that matter to you.

Businesses are facing unprecedented times of change. By working with Aon, you can be sure that your benefits decisions are better informed and better advised. We can support you in building a valued and cost-efficient benefits offering that resonates across the diverse needs of your employees and improves employee experience and engagement while creating a resilient workforce that thrives through volatility.

We support better outcomes through exceptional client experience, swift execution and dedication to continuous improvement.

Explore Our Health and Benefits Offerings

Data and Analytics (4)

4 Solutions

The ability to use data and analytics to enable better decision-making has never been more important for people leaders. By working with Aon, you will have the clarity and confidence to build an informed and optimized health and benefits strategy for your organization.

  • Benefits Insights and Analytics

    Our proprietary analytics and algorithms assess data around employee health information, insurance claims, workplace safety and engagement metrics, as well as non-traditional data such as program management, providing the insight needed to optimize benefit investments and improve health outcomes.

  • Employee Benefits Benchmarking

    Comprehensive benefits benchmarking helps employers understand how competitive their health and benefits offerings are and how their cost drivers and health outcomes compare to their peers, providing valuable insight into areas of strength and opportunities to improve. 

  • Health Risk Analyzer

    Health Risk Analyzer is a predictive model from Aon that leverages the power of data, analytics and machine learning to forecast future medical and pharmacy claims risk within an organization.

  • Integrated Analytics Intelligence

    With a holistic, data-driven view of your organization, Integrated Analytics Intelligence helps identify cost savings, maximize investments and achieve better outcomes for you and your members.

Consulting and Broking (5)

5 Solutions

We provide support to ensure your benefits are appropriately designed and managed. Using our strategic insights, extensive data and analytics capabilities, and innovative solutions, we help companies optimize benefits spend by mitigating risk and reducing cost while supporting employee needs.

  • Global Benefits

    Multinational companies face unique challenges in managing employee benefits. Our specialists help design, develop and deliver employee benefit programs for multinationals that optimize the employee experience while balancing costs and operational objectives.

  • Employee Benefits Consulting and Broking

    An employee benefits consultant and broker can help you achieve your benefit goals related to controlling costs, ensuring compliance, attracting and retaining talent, and reducing administrative burden.

  • Executive Benefits

    Executive benefits are a thoughtful and strategic approach to creating attractive packages for key personnel. Not just for executives, these programs are structured to provide sufficient income protection and retirement savings for employees earning above the group or qualified plan limits.

  • Pharmacy Benefit Consulting

    Pharmacy benefit consulting solutions offered by Aon help employers, labor and trust organizations, health systems, and health plans improve their pharmacy (Rx) benefits management decisions and outcomes.

  • Voluntary Employee Benefits

    Voluntary benefits offer valuable coverage for health and care, financial wellbeing and personal protection. Voluntary benefits can help offset out-of-pocket medical costs, fill in the gaps in the event of death or disability, or protect from identity theft or legal vulnerability.

Engagement and Technology (3)

3 Solutions

As employee benefits expectations continue to expand, the need for a highly personalized, simple and engaging digital experience becomes more important. Leveraging predictive analytics, generative AI and online benefits platforms, we can help drive value, simplify choice and optimize spend.

  • Employee Benefits Engagement

    We provide innovative solutions and tools that make it easier for employees to learn about their benefits and make better benefit decisions, positively impacting employee health and wellbeing, as well as maximizing return on benefits investment.

  • Employee Benefits Enrollment

    Aon provides solutions and tools that make it easier for employees to learn about their benefits and make better benefit decisions, positively impacting your employees' financial and emotional wellbeing.

  • Online Benefits Platforms

    In today’s digital world, organizations need a compelling online benefits experience that appeals to multiple generations and attracts and retains talent. Online benefit platforms enable companies to deliver their benefits strategy effectively with a great employee experience.

Four Key Challenges Employers are Facing Today

  • 01

    Cost and Affordability

    Health is declining, costs are skyrocketing, and workers have different needs. We use data insights and innovative solutions to help companies optimize benefits spend by mitigating risk and reducing cost while supporting employee needs.

  • 02

    Health, Wellbeing and Productivity

    Poor health and wellbeing are fueling productivity loss. We help businesses identify and implement the benefits which provide access to the appropriate care, at the right time. Ensuring a balanced distribution of resources across prevention and treatment.  

  • 03

    Personalized, Digital Benefits

    Amid a competitive talent market, employee benefits expectations continue to expand - demanding highly personalized benefits delivered via simple and engaging digital experiences. Leveraging predictive analytics and generative AI, we can help drive value, simplify choice and optimize spend.

  • 04

    Sustainable Benefits Strategies

    Growing demand is accelerating pressure on sustainability. We can help businesses build a sustainable benefits strategy, ensuring key areas such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, women’s health, and the impact of climate on health are considered. 

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