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Making Better Risk Decisions

A Volatile, Interconnected World

Our world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Businesses and communities are facing a rapidly evolving range of interconnected risks such as cyber and climate. Our clients require a new way to understand, mitigate and transfer volatility in fundamental areas like property and casualty risk. Our Risk Capital advisors bring the breadth of our expertise, relationships and analytics to unlock capital, which we access across markets, geographies and a variety of financial instruments to help organizations grow.

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With the access to the world’s leading insurers and capital markets, we use our global capability to deliver locally relevant solutions

Enabling Better Decisions

Through our Commercial Risk and Reinsurance capabilities, we help clients make better risk decisions by:

  1. Quantifying risks
  2. Accessing capital with more risk transfer options
  3. Protecting people and property
  4. Navigating climate-related risks
  5. Elevating risk knowledge to the board

Actionable Analytical Insights

We leverage data, tools and more than 1,000 analytics professionals to better inform clients of evolving risks and build innovative capital solutions for our clients — from traditional cover like insurance and facultative reinsurance to alternative risk transfer solutions like parametrics and captives.

We have more than 30 years of experience in delivering analytical insights and capital to insurers, which manage the most complex risks and some of the largest balance sheets in the world. By investing and scaling our industry expertise and connections, more clients can reap the benefits, as we apply these Risk Capital capabilities to our corporate clients to drive enhanced value.

Our extensive risk and modeling data also means insurers and investors have a greater understanding of risk — which increases their confidence and appetite for further investment to bring in more capital into the industry.

Integrated Expertise Across Today’s Risk and People Issues

At Aon, we’ve been on a decade-plus journey to connect our global capabilities, so we can address our clients’ top priorities more effectively. Through our global expertise across two key areas of need ― Risk Capital and Human Capital ― our clients are better advised within, and across, their risk and people strategies.

By providing products and capabilities that help clients address their interconnected needs, our Risk Capital and Human Capital colleagues use the firm’s data-driven insights and solutions to enable organizations to make better business decisions and prepare them for the future.

Global Expertise, Locally Relevant Solutions

Our client advisors take an enterprise mindset to leverage our global capabilities and deliver solutions tailored to your industry and region. With the access to the world’s leading insurers and capital markets, we work with clients, wherever they are based, to give them the clarity and confidence they need to protect and grow their business.


We have brought together more than 1,000 analytics professionals across the firm to present clients with an integrated view of risks.

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Global Risk Management Survey

The results from our survey provide first-hand insight into the key risks on business leaders’ minds and the steps they are taking to manage them.

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