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Risk Analytics
Risk Analytics
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Risk Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your risk data and Aon's broader insights to make better decisions to protect and grow your organization.

Protect and Grow Your Business with Risk Analytics

Every business, regardless of location or industry, is navigating an increasingly complex and volatile world, making it harder to grow and maintain operational resilience. In this context, improving how you gather, analyze and act on market signals will generate more informed decisions on how to protect and grow your organization.

How can risk analytics help? From climate change to cyber threats to supply chain disruption, among many other issues, risk analytics allow organizations to identify emerging challenges and new opportunities for transformation. Importantly, risk analytics give leadership teams the clarity and confidence they need to act quickly and proactively.

Examples of Using Risk Analytics to Make Better Decisions

  • Catastrophe Insights

    Our teams can assess client catastrophe exposure, model loss estimates and, alongside our actuaries and brokers, design data-driven risk transfer programs to efficiently manage net risks.

  • Actuarial Modeling

    Across our commercial risk and reinsurance teams, our actuaries use data and analytics, along with powerful tools like ReMetrica and Aon's Risk Financing Analytics, to model potential losses and the impact of risk transfer solutions.

  • Capital Optimization

    At the end of the day, all organizations want to maximize the efficiency of their capital. Risk analytics give business leaders the tools they need to make tough choices about where to increase protections and bet on new growth opportunities.

Diving Deeper into How Analytics Can Inform Your Strategy

Risk Management and Risk Financing

Our risk management and risk financing teams use analytics to give leaders and risk managers the insights they need to make better decisions on managing the total cost of risk and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies. A sampling of key questions and challenges we can help you address include:

  • Captive feasibility studies
  • Claims analytics
  • Collateral review
  • Cyber risk modeling
  • Industry loss rate benchmarking
  • Loss reserving and forecasting
  • Reputational risk modeling
  • Risk appetite modeling and retention analysis
  • Risk diagnostics tools like CyQu and Spectrum
  • Risk transfer program design, stress testing and funding

To learn more, explore our risk management and risk transfer capabilities.

Solutions for Insurers

Throughout our reinsurance business, we use data and analytics to give insurers and reinsurers the insights they need to make better decisions on navigating volatility and optimizing capital. Some of the key questions and challenges we can help you address include:

  • Quantification of risk exposures
  • Understanding the impact of climate
  • Creating your own view of risk
  • Matching risk with capital
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Understanding ratings agency drivers

To learn more, explore our full set of reinsurance capabilities.

Strategy and Technology Group

Our strategy and technology group brings insights and technology solutions together to help insurers and reinsurers explore opportunities for profitable growth, boost enterprise efficiency, and drive financial health. Some of the challenges we can help you address include:

  • Market share data to drive strategies
  • Business performance benchmarking
  • Capital structuring and access analysis
  • Claims efficiency analysis
  • Industry-specific technology platforms

To learn more, explore our full set of strategy and technology group capabilities.

Better Decisions Through Analytics

Harnessing Aon's broad range of risk analytics capabilities, which unite data from your organization with real-world intelligence, will give you the foundation needed to build a resilient organization, empowering you to make better decisions to protect and grow your business.

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