Retail and Consumer Goods

Industry Overview

Retail and Consumer Goods

Constant Reinvention in a Rapidly-Evolving Industry

The retail and consumer goods industry faces a constant stream of disruption and innovation—creating new risks and opportunities alike. From cyber threats to digital transformation to rising competition from new market entrants to supply chain disruption and talent struggles, failure to adapt and innovate is not an option.

In particular, the competition for talent across all business areas is fierce. Organizations are hard-pressed to find enough cyber experts, digital leaders, drivers, in-store staff, skilled support and warehouse workers, among many others, to ensure goods reach consumers with a high degree of satisfaction. The race is on to design and implement cutting edge workforce practices and models.

Similarly, it’s time to rethink risk management practices and move beyond traditional focus areas like cost containment and responding to localized business interruptions. Organizations are now looking to invest in strategies that address systemic challenges like climate change and broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

At Aon, our teams have deep experience across all segments of the retail and consumer goods industry, and we partner with clients to implement effective claims, safety and risk management process, build healthy and engaged workforces, minimize the total cost risk, and find cost-effective risk financing options.


The Climate Crisis is Driving Supply Chains to Adapt

Businesses are recognizing the need to adapt to the impact of climate change on supply chains.

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