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Financial Sponsors

Transforming Risk into Opportunity

Intensified macroeconomic headwinds have rippled through the markets and continue to create a new reality for financial sponsors that is challenging every stage of the investment lifecycle — from deal opportunities and financing to portfolio management and exit. To create value during economic uncertainty, financial sponsors must navigate evolving risks with agility, discipline and a broad perspective. By approaching fund structures and capital and asset management creatively, financial sponsors can effectively navigate increasing uncertainty to turn risk into opportunity.

Aon helps secure investments, maximize deal value and drive transaction success by solving wide-ranging issues facing financial sponsors throughout the deal lifecycle and across their portfolio companies by leveraging data, insurance-backed capital instruments and market leading consultative capabilities. We provide clients the unique ability to manage wide-ranging solutions effectively and efficiently with a single contact and source of execution.


Mergers and Acquisitions: 5 Risks That Threaten Transactions

In the constantly evolving M&A market, companies must be prepared to navigate a range of risk that can impact the success of deals.

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