Financial Institutions

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Financial Institutions

Building Resilience to Support Growth

Expanding global wealth and advancements in technology provide financial institutions with opportunities to grow in new markets, but also create risk and human capital challenges that require innovative solutions.

From the volatility created by climate change to geopolitical and financial headwinds to significant organizational threats in the form of regulatory pressures, cyber threats and shifting workforce expectations, the pressure is on across the industry.

The key to achieving success will be agility and resilience. Organizations in the industry face the challenge of assessing and managing their approach to both human and operational risk—including, adopting greater agility through innovation, anticipating future exposures and optimizing risk management to create the organizational resilience necessary for growth.


How Banks Quantify Physical Climate Risk

Climate change is getting expensive. According to Aon, 421 notable disaster events last year generated $313 billion in economic loss, of which only $132 billion (42%) was insured loss; and it has never been more important to understand the risk that a changing climate poses today and in the future. Learn more about how banks quantify physical climate risk. 

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