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Delivering value for insurance industry clients with more relevant and impactful insight and solutions to meet their strategic goals.

Delivering Strategic Value to Insurers

Insurers are at the heart of creating a more resilient world but face an increasingly dynamic environment with interconnected, emerging risks and fierce competition. Now more than ever, insurers require more holistic services and global insight to better understand and address their strategic, multi-faceted business needs across growth, capital, operational efficiency and talent.

Embedded in the insurance industry, we live its impact, complexities and potential - so we know how to listen better and interpret clients’ needs. We’re bringing together the best of Aon to support insurance industry clients with more relevant and impactful insight and solutions to meet their strategic goals and make better business decisions.

Explore Our Solutions for Insurers

Navigate Volatility (5)

5 Solutions

To navigate volatility ranging from climate to economic factors, insurers need to delve deep into understanding and mitigating the risks by enhancing their view of risk. Data, tools and analytics must complement broking and advisory capabilities to help protect and grow insurers’ businesses.

  • View of Risk

    Develop a custom View of Risk to reflect your portfolio and align reinsurance with underwriting.

  • Climate Opportunities

    Better solutions to plan for climate change with access to cutting-edge climate science enable insurers to deliver innovative products, navigate volatility and remain profitable.

  • Catastrophe Model Insight

    120+ Impact Forecasting catastrophe models to provide a fresh view of risk on peak and secondary perils.

  • Rating Agency Advisory

    Monitoring key metrics that impact ratings and strategies to enhance ratings.

  • Transferring Reserve Risk

    Manage reserve risk, earnings volatility and risk tolerances while providing capital benefit in a cost-efficient structure through a loss portfolio transfer and/or adverse development cover.

Optimize Capital (6)

6 Solutions

In a riskier world where re/insurers look to bring new solutions to customers, capital can provide a bridge between innovation and investment. However, finding the right balance to optimize capital requires strategic decision-making to support growth and enhance both sides of the balance sheet.

  • Matching Risk to Capital

    Complement traditional and alternative capital with holistic advice on the most efficient sources.

  • Property Reinsurance

    Protect and grow your property business in response to changing risk and climate.

  • Casualty Reinsurance

    Manage the volatility of existing and emerging risks on insurers’ reserves.

  • Specialty Reinsurance

    Rather than working in silos, manage your risks across different classes and territories.

  • Capital Advisory

    Capital optimization is key for achieving growth and return targets while managing stakeholder expectations.

  • Capital, Pricing and Reserving Models

    Deploy capital efficiently and effectively across the enterprise with the Strategy and Technology Group.

Drive Performance and Growth (5)

5 Solutions

To meet shareholder and societal demands while delivering sustained growth and profitability in a competitive landscape, insurers need the resilience and capacity to embrace increasing current and future risks.

  • Define and Develop Strategy Based on Business Goals

    Explore profitable opportunities, boost enterprise efficiency and drive financial health with our Strategy and Technology Group.

  • Growth Strategies

    Insurers looking to grow faster and more profitably must align their business and talent strategies to drive innovation and build long-term customer relevance.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Optimize performance of people, process, technology and data to drive business outcomes.

  • Talent Strategy

    As insurers adapt to rapidly shifting risks, they need to find new ways of working supported by a more resilient, flexible workforce with diverse capabilities.

  • Claims and Client Services

    In a volatile world, insurers need a strong, global client service and claims management partner to help deliver stability, competitive advantage and sustainable success.

Our Approach

  • Discover

    Partner with business leaders to discover their opportunities and challenges.

  • Develop

    Develop and test the strategies and solutions.

  • Deliver

    Deliver plans to satisfy their spectrum of stakeholders.

  • Review

    Review success based on their own goals and refresh solutions to maintain value.

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