Transportation and Logistics

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Transportation and Logistics

Taking a Proactive Approach to a Dynamic Risk Landscape

The transportation and logistics industry faces an increasingly wide range of dynamic risk and human capital issues. These include long-standing challenges, such as effective claims administration, managing compliance, fleet safety and regulatory needs, hitting talent acquisition and retention targets and navigating supply chain disruptions.

However, new threats and opportunities are beginning to take center stage. Cyber attacks, data breaches, disruptive technologies, and political risk mean businesses across the industry must invest in new technologies and ways of working to manage volatility and build resilient operations and workforces.

At Aon, our teams have deep experience across all major segments of the transportation and logistics industry, and we partner with clients to identify, quantify and manage their risk exposure, while also designing and implementing sustainable benefit, retirement and talent programs to improve employee engagement, health and wellbeing.


How Red Sea Attacks Could Impact Cargo Premiums

Aon's proprietary Marine Cargo Facility provides an immediate insurance solution for various types of cargo transiting the tumultuous Red Sea area.

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