Human Capital

Making Better People Decisions
Human Capital

Making Better People Decisions

Realize the Full Potential of Your People

People are an organization's most valuable asset, largest cost, and also a major source of risk— therefore, getting your people strategy right can often be the difference between success or failure.

Unfortunately, in the face of rapidly rising healthcare costs, growing retirement savings gaps, fierce competition for talent, ongoing technological change and unprecedented shifts in workforce behaviors and expectations, organizations are struggling to develop the comprehensive human capital strategies they need to compete in an increasingly volatile world.

Our Human Capital products and advisors help clients navigate today's most pressing people challenges to create a healthier, more engaged, and ultimately more productive workforce.

Five Big Human Resources Trends to Watch in 2024


Five Big Human Resources Trends to Watch in 2024

It's never been more important for HR leaders to help shape and support the execution of business strategies. However, to be successful in today’s volatile world, HR teams must stand ready to understand and harness five fast moving trends.

Enabling Better Decisions

Faced with new and interconnected workforce challenges, human resources leaders and their teams are rapidly evolving into critical business partners tasked with advising boards of directors and senior executives on an ever-changing people landscape.

Historically, human resources functions spent 80 percent of their time on administrative or operational tasks. Today, these same teams are spending over 60 percent of their time on strategic initiatives that fall into two equally important categories.

First, there are areas of increased importance adjacent to traditional human resources responsibilities, like boosting employee engagement, reimagining employee value propositions and strengthening total rewards strategies. Next, teams face a whole new category of work that reflects the changing nature of the employee dynamic, including managing the adoption of artificial intelligence, tackling rising healthcare costs, and dealing with pay equity and pay transparency, among many other topics. All of these items, both traditional and emerging, are now high on boardroom agendas.

Our actionable analytics and connected solutions, spanning every aspect of an organization’s people strategy, help clients make better human capital decisions in these areas and more.


Historically, HR teams spent 80% of their time on operational tasks. Today, HR teams are spending as much as 60% of their time on strategic initiatives.

Addressing today’s most pressing workforce challenges requires thinking beyond traditional silos.

Unlocking Innovation

To thrive in this new reality, clients must be better informed through actionable people analytics and better advised through connected people solutions. By bringing our health, wealth and talent expertise together, we are unlocking innovation in the human capital space to better serve our clients through:

Actionable People Analytics and Insights

Every day, we leverage our extensive and in-depth workforce information — including world-class benefits, healthcare, retirement and rewards data — to help clients obtain the holistic human capital insights they need to optimize workforce investments. To learn more about our approach and expanding data and analytics product suite, explore our Human Capital Analytics capabilities.

Connected People Solutions

Addressing today’s most pressing workforce challenges requires thinking beyond traditional silos to develop comprehensive human capital solutions. Simply put, you can’t manage rising healthcare costs, address pay transparency, reinvent total rewards or optimize your workforce without looking across your people programs and strategy. Together, our teams help clients make these vital connections so they can identify, attract and retain the talent required to maintain and accelerate business growth in the future. 

Expertise Across Today’s Risk and People Issues

At Aon, we’ve been on a decade-plus journey to connect our global capabilities so we can address our clients’ top priorities more effectively. Through our global expertise across two key areas of need ― Risk Capital and Human Capital ― our clients are better advised within, and across, their risk and people strategies. 

All risks have a human element. From tackling supply chain disruptions to building sustainable cyber resilience to rethinking location strategies as weather patterns intensify, organizations need highly engaged and healthy workforces with the right skills to respond to and manage volatility.

By providing products and capabilities that help clients address their interconnected needs, Aon’s Risk Capital and Human Capital colleagues use the firm’s data-driven insights and solutions to enable organizations to make better business decisions and prepare them for the future.

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