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Claim Management

Accelerate the resolution of your insurance claim via our claim advocacy and claim preparation services.

Experience and Innovation for Fast and Favorable Results

In recent years, a rising number of major loss events have demonstrated the value of high-quality insurance claim services. Experiencing any type of claim—whether resulting from a natural disaster, a significant liability event, a cyber-attack or a product recall—can overwhelm even the most experienced risk managers in today's complex and interconnected global business landscape. Proactively managing and resolving an insurance claim is essential to recovering from a loss, reinstating normal business operations and reducing adverse short- and long-term revenue and profit impacts.

Our Approach

At Aon, we support clients seeking quick and effective claim resolutions. We make use of direct access to key decision-makers at insurers, our Claims Resolution Platform, which monitors claim trends and precedents, and advocacy from experienced colleagues around the world. Working closely with clients, insurers and other key parties, we represent clients throughout the claim process, when requested, develop strategies to reduce claim exposure and work to improve your cost of risk transfer. Across our team of 1,800 claims management professionals, we have the technical specialists, industry knowledge, and case experience to service your organization's full range of risks and claim needs.

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Accelerating Results for Clients

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    Getting Started

    Preparing, managing, and settling an insurance claim is complex. Let our team ease your burden so you can focus on running your business.

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    We objectively measure claim performance of insurers, and use these insights to identify opportunities for improvement.

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    We understand where to focus key resources during the claim process based on our proprietary data and insights.

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    Our experienced specialists monitor high-exposure claims and provide advice to improve outcomes and manage the overall cost of risk.

Our Claim Management Offerings

  • Claim Advocacy

    Leverage our data, insights and specialist resources to improve your organization's claims management strategy. We'll partner to tackle high-exposure claims, improve claims performance and reduce your total cost of risk.

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  • Claim Preparation

    Claim preparation is the complete process of quantifying, organizing and substantiating a claim in a loss event. It involves developing the optimal methodology to quantify loss and compiling evidence of a provable business loss.

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