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Public Sector

Digitization Brings Service Delivery Improvements and New Risks

Public sector organizations continue to embrace new technologies to deliver citizen services and improve governance and public administration. These advancements generate incredible efficiencies and enhance user experiences, but also expose new risks and workforce needs.

For example, inconsistent data controls, immature cyber practices and rising geopolitical risk mean the threat of cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise. At the same time, due to ongoing reliance on traditional human resources policies and slower career progression, organizations often struggle to attract much-needed technical talent into public service.

As the pace of change accelerates, public sector organizations must adopt new risk and people management strategies to keep up. Resiliency, in all its forms, will be key to these efforts. From establishing stronger disaster recovery protocols to protect physical assets to implementing novel health, benefit and rewards offerings, the public sector has opportunities to boost operational and workforce resilience.

At Aon, our teams have deep experience across all segments of the public sector, and we partner with clients to identify, quantify and manage their risk exposures, design and implement sustainable benefits and retirement programs, and improve overall employee health and wellbeing.


Climate Change and the Threat to Water Security

Climate change is contributing to water crises around the world, and public and private stakeholders are seeking ways to respond.

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