Evolving Technologies Are Driving Firms to Harness Opportunities and Defend Against Threats

Technology advancements are a double-sided coin for organizations, providing an operational edge while introducing new risks.

Artificial intelligence (AI), cyber and data and analytics have helped organizations unleash operational efficiencies, connect workforces and foster growth. Yet, these advancements have also exposed companies to new and evolving risks in the race for digitalization.

Take AI, which 95 percent of global business leaders say could unleash a new wave of economic value. But the speed at which this technology is developing could also have unforeseen implications. Businesses that rapidly accelerate their operating models and embrace these new technologies will expand their digital attack surface, creating new exposures to cyber-related risks.

On the other hand, technology enables more sophisticated data management and analytics, driving better insights and informed decisions. As organizations prepare for the next technology frontier, digital tools and access to data and analytics will be critical in helping them stay ahead of the curve for both current and future risks. If harnessed and managed correctly, technology can be the catalyst that helps businesses realize their growth goals.


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Deep Dive on Technology

While advancements in AI, cyber and data technology are helping companies operating in an increasingly digital world gain a significant competitive edge, they also introduce new and evolving risks.

Insights to Make Better Technology Decisions

  • #1

    Cyber attacks or data breaches are the number one risk for organizations today.

    Source: Aon’s 9th Global Risk Management Survey

  • 21%

    Twenty-one percent of shareholder value can be eroded following a single cyber attack.

    Source: Aon’s 2023 Cyber Resilience Report

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