Pharmacy Benefit Consulting

Pharmacy Benefit Consulting

Learn how your organization can benefit from pharmacy benefit consulting. 

What is Pharmacy Benefit Consulting?

Pharmacy benefit consulting solutions offered by Aon help employers, labor and trust organizations, health systems, and health plans improve pharmacy benefits management decisions and outcomes. Aon’s experienced Pharmacy Team consists of pharmacists, financial analysts and pharmacy experts with decades of experience negotiating with pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and holding them accountable for client results.


Clients value Aon’s innovative and tenured pharmacy practice of former PBM executives, financial insiders and clinicians with PBM, healthcare and hospital backgrounds. Deep relationships and proven results allow us to achieve more than 98% repeat annual business for our long-term client engagements.

The Value of Pharmacy Consulting 

For many plan sponsors, the soaring costs of pharmacy benefits are a primary cause for concern. Decision-makers are overwhelmed by the complexity of many new point solutions, the ongoing vertical integration between carriers and PBMs and how to set strategy amid all this change. Aon's Pharmacy Team provides insight, decision-making and positive outcomes, allowing businesses to meet their pharmacy benefit objectives and improve performance. By partnering with Aon's Pharmacy Team, plan sponsors can ensure that their pharmacy solutions align with their unique needs, providing their employees with optimal care while producing meaningful cost savings.


Last year alone, Aon located over $60M in actual, returnable findings for our clients through pharmacy audits.

Why Work with Aon

  • Differentiated Consulting Expertise

    Aon’s Directorship Consulting consists of an experienced team of pharmacy experts helping plan sponsors nationwide maintain competitive pricing, create and implement custom plan designs, and optimize pharmacy management of patients with chronic and complex conditions.

  • Aon Rx Innovation

    We are first to market with strategies that improve health outcomes and lower costs. From helping clients weigh the impact of insulin price changes to designing high-cost biosimilar strategies, we find willing innovation partners in our clients who value our role in enrolling the PBM in the mission.

  • Renowned Pharmacy Audits

    Aon performed over one thousand pharmacy-specific PBM audits last year, bringing much-needed clarity and reconciliation to our clients. Our auditors deeply understand complex PBM arrangements and gaps in the delivery chain that often require extra scrutiny.

  • Aon Pharmacy Coalitions

    Self-funded clients from 500 to 60,000 members access deep discounts, annual market checks and an optimized PBM contract through our turnkey pharmacy coalitions. Clients value Aon's dedicated plan management model, powerful reporting tools and built-in claims audits to manage program performance.

How Aon Can Help

  • Innovative Pharmacy Solutions

    We continually challenge PBMs to innovate – we drive pilots with clients across industries and collaborate proactively with our clients and their select vendors to ensure the best and most innovative outcomes.

  • Contract Negotiations

    We negotiate market-moving contracts that are transparent, acquisition-cost-based and have a significant impact.

  • Market Checks

    The hundreds of RFPs and financial evaluations we manage each year allow us to establish the top of the market for leverage in market checks and contractual reviews. Aon oversees multiple pharmacy coalitions of size and scale that provide a real-time understanding of market dimensions and pricing benchmarks. Our experience working with all PBMs, carriers and point solutions vendors helps us get the best deal for our clients.

  • Pharmacy Requests for Proposal

    Best-in-class request for proposal (RFP) process, with end-to-end RFP development, financial modeling and full-service implementation to ensure flawless execution of a final contract.

    We account for the impact of relevant market events during RFP creation and contracting (e.g., biosimilar impact on rebates, insulin and availability of limited distribution drugs) and dictate how PBMs adjust their RFP methodology and protect your interests.

  • Market-Leading Pharmacy Audits

    Our clients have made Aon the largest auditor of pharmacy claims in the country, and we conduct more than 1,000 custom-tailored, annual pharmacy audit engagements each year. 

  • Aon's Pharmacy Coalitions

    Clients who join one of Aon’s Rx Coalitions will gain improved purchasing power with PBMs that they would not get on their own. They can save money using built-in annual market checks, competitive bids and inclusive pharmacy audits to oversee their PBM partner.


New clients joining the ARxC saved an average of 20% in their first year, with some clients achieving savings of greater than 30%.

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