Digital Business Insights Platform

Digital Business Insights Platform

Learn how your organization can benefit from Aon's Digital Business Insights. 

Manage and Monitor Business Risks

Business leaders face an increased workload, limited time for decision-making and a narrower margin for error. Consequently, they often find themselves on the defense, but fundamentally, their objective is to go on the offense, drive progress and make a positive impact. Aon’s Digital Business Insights (DBI) platform cuts through the noise, delivering real-time, actionable insights so you can feel empowered to make informed decisions when it matters most.

Streamlined Proprietary Data for Benchmarking

The DBI platform gives leaders across a company access to real-time benchmarking while flagging topics for concern. By consolidating data and expectations from several key groups of stakeholders (including investors, insurance underwriters and employees) into a single company site, DBI reduces spend on single-purpose data subscriptions and hours spent trying to make sense of it all. DBI is unique from many other data subscriptions – no data submission is required to activate your company’s site. Our data feeds are fully integrated, so you see the most up-to-date information whenever you log in. Plus, our advisory team is available to help with any next steps. Subscribers can access their company’s information site at any time from any internet-connected device and have the freedom to change benchmarking groups and time periods through the platform.


Over a quarter of shareholder value is lost in the year following a major reputational crisis. The impact on prospective talent pools can linger for years.

Source: Pentland Analytics’ Respecting the Grey Swan 

Perspectives on the Topics That Matter

DBI delivers the insights that business leaders need so they can make better decisions on issues, including:

  • Climate change
  • Cyber security
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Executive compensation
  • Human capital management
  • Risk management
  • Talent and workforce needs


Companies that target wellbeing solutions drive a 20 percent increase in performance during times of change, innovation or uncertainty.

Source: Aon's Human Sustainability Index

Monitor Risks Across Four Key Dimensions in Real-Time

  • Reputational Risk

    Uncover the emerging trends for your firm, your industry and where your company sits relative to industry competitors. DBI covers reputational risk at an organizational and employee level.

  • Shareholder Activism

    Gain insight into Say-on-Pay support and ESG proposal trends across the Russell 3000 and S&P 500 indices. DBI shows feeds by industry, potential areas of activism exposure and how your business performs relative to the benchmark on a multi-year basis.

  • Stakeholder Priorities

    Understand key engagement priorities and expectations from top institutional investors and insurance companies. Find out how your company is positioned to respond.

  • ESG Ratings

    Direct access to three ESG ratings used by external stakeholders to evaluate your exposure to ESG risks and opportunities, assess how you compare to industry performance and identify the topics that will impact your scores.

Article 9 Min Read

Reputation Analytics as a Leading Indicator of ESG Risk

Reputation analytics are a powerful predictive tool for gauging near-term ESG risk exposures. Lack of attention to reputation risk can have a devastating, long-lasting impact on shareholder value in the face of a crisis.

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