Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property
Capability Overview

Intellectual Property 

Intellectual property (IP) could be one of your organizations' most valuable assets. Yet, it is often poorly understood or protected.

Solutions for Managing Intellectual Property

Today, intangible assets — primarily in the form of intellectual property (IP) — comprise 90 percent of the value of the S&P 500, yet only a fraction of those intangible assets are protected.1

At Aon, we can help you make better decisions in assessing and quantifying the value of your intellectual property. By having a stronger understanding of the value of your IP assets, you can better align your IP strategy with your business strategy, more effectively manage IP risk and attract potential new sources of growth capital for your business.

Our team of nearly 200 IP professionals — one of the largest in the industry — brings the unique ability to analyze and value IP at speed and scale. By combining our extensive IP experience with advanced analytics, we help our clients be better informed and better advised to make better IP decisions that can enable them to identify, protect and realize the full potential value of their intellectual property assets. 

1Intangible Asset Market Value Study. Ocean Tomo, July 2022.

Our Approach

  • Define Strategy

    Aon has helped drive the use of capital and insurance capacity to unlock IP as an asset class.

  • Manage IP Risk

    We work collaboratively to help you protect your IP assets, including hedging against the volatility associated with IP losses.

Our Intellectual Property Offerings

  • IP-Backed Lending

    Combining market-leading IP valuation tools and a collateral protection insurance policy, Aon helps IP-rich growth companies access the debt markets by leveraging their intellectual property as the key source of collateral.

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  • IP Liability Insurance

    Powerful IP risk tools can help you understand, quantify, mitigate and transfer IP-based risks, limiting potential financial losses, including business interruption and reputational damage.

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  • Quality of IP

    Similar to a Quality of Earnings report, our Quality of IP report can help you articulate the value of your IP in a merger and acquisition or financing transaction.

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