ABConnect Placements

ABConnect Placements

Learn how your organization can benefit from ABConnect Placements. 

What is ABConnect Placements?

Aon's reinsurer digital treaty trading platform captures real-time placing information, allowing reinsurers to stay current on their Aon placements and collaborate with Aon brokers during key placement activities.

What are the Benefits of Using ABConnect Placements?

  • One Portal

    One portal to stay organized and track placement progress with the entire Aon book of business.

  • Audit Trail

    Audit trail of placement actions taken in ABConnect Placements.

  • Data Security

    Documents and data are shared via a secure portal including large files.

  • Tracking Quotes

    Tracking quotes and written lines submitted from current as well as expiring years.

How to Get Started on ABConnect Placements

If you are new to ABConnect Placements, an automatic email with registration details will be sent to you when the first Aon broker publishes a treaty reinsurance placement to you. The email will include a link to the portal, a user ID and a temporary password. Follow the instructions in the email and when the registration process is completed, the portal will begin to populate with your Aon placements.

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