Specialty Reinsurance

Specialty Reinsurance

Learn how your organization can benefit from specialty reinsurance solutions. 

What Does Specialty Reinsurance Cover?

As specialty insurers embrace a wide range of complex commercial risks — from airplanes, marine vessels, offshore rigs and refineries to financial risks— reinsurance protection becomes increasingly important. Aon specializes in understanding these challenges and, crucially, their interconnectivity. This enables our clients to grow in specialty insurance lines while limiting their volatility and downside through tailored reinsurance solutions.

Speciality Insurance Line Coverage
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Contingency
  • Credit and Surety
  • Marine and Energy

How Aon Can Help

At Aon, we placed over $3 billion of global specialty reinsurance premiums across 400+ clients. This provides us with the insight and data to advise clients on navigating the complex, ever-evolving specialty risk landscape.

With our extensive investment in data and analytics capabilities, we help clients to make better decisions to protect and optimize their reinsurance purchasing and overall corporate strategy, including:

  • Determining the most efficient form of reinsurance through data-led analysis.
  • Advising and executing different structures throughout market cycles, using Aon’s insight and cultivating reinsurer relationships to deliver optimal value for clients.
  • Going beyond risk appetite to help clients drive portfolio growth and optimization strategies, including developing new products.


Aon placed over $3 billion of global specialty reinsurance premiums across 400+ clients, demonstrating our significant experience in the marketplace. 

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In any marketplace, but particularly in a challenging one, it is vital that clients have a strong broker advocating on their behalf to reinsurance partners to achieve the best possible coverage and terms. This is exactly what Aon delivers.

Mark Skilton
Head of Specialty Reinsurance, Aon

How We Collaborate

Our subject matter experts – spanning various risks – work with you and your unique portfolio to discover and establish your appetite to retain or cede risk across a host of categories. We deliver solutions that balance your desire to navigate a complex and often volatile business portfolio with your overall business goals of protection and growth.

Why Work with Us

Our expertise and analytic diagnostics is at the heart of our specialty insight - these include:

  • Aviation
    AeroMetrica: Aon’s proprietary aviation reinsurance, retrocession pricing and program optimization tool. The results generated by this tool offer an alternative view of exposure that can be used to benefit our clients. For example, testing forecast probabilistic behavior for portfolio planning purposes and providing detailed event-level output to support capital models.
  • Marine and Energy
    Real-Time Scenario Analysis and Insight: Through the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Aon has leveraged internal and third-party data to provide live exposure analysis on trapped vessels, war on land exposures and airframes to assist clients in estimating their potential downside and reinsurance response to the conflict.

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