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Flexible working can improve candidate attraction and retention

July 2015


Flexible working can improve candidate attraction and retention, yet many employers are failing to make staff aware of their flexible working policy, says an industry expert.

Jacqui Keep, Head of Content and Marketing at conference call provider Powwownow told HR Grapevine that making prospective candidates aware of flexible working policies during the recruitment process was crucial, but added that whilst there has been a huge ‘cultural shift’ towards remote working and the rise of technologies to help facilitate it, very few companies are actually making staff and candidates aware of the options.

Manesh Patel, Senior Benefits Consultant at Aon Employee Benefits said: “Considering the relatively recent shift towards flexible or agile working, it seems odd that so few employers are actively communicating these type of policies to prospective staff. Yet the benefits of implementing flexible working policies are absolutely clear: happier staff, increased productivity and positive attitudes towards employer and business, to name but a few.”

According to HR Grapevine, the Timewise flexible jobs index which documents jobs with a salary of over £20,000 which offer flexible or remote working opportunities to new recruits, found that although 95 per cent of employers claim they offer flexible working to their staff, only 6.2 per cent mentioned flexibility in the job description.

“Businesses also understand the benefits and value of flexible workers; developing new ways of working that will maximise efficiency, productivity and creativity whilst encouraging a healthy work-life balance,” Keep said. “But for us, the main benefit of flexible working is talent retention; the ability to attract and retain the best people for the business has only improved our company culture and employee satisfaction.”

Patel added: “Flexible working really does help to improve staff satisfaction levels. Work-life balance is one part of this, but also, not having rigid working hours or office location means staff can save time and money from their traditional commute because they are able to travel during off-peak hours and also work on-the-go when and wherever they want.”



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