Navigating New Forms of Volatility

Navigating New Forms of Volatility 

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Navigating New Forms of Volatility

Our modern world is unpredictable. Known threats like climate change, economic turmoil and pandemics sit alongside emerging challenges like data security, supply chain disruption, the widening health-wealth gap, and valuing and protecting intangible assets.

Expect the Unexpected

These new forms of volatility expose organizations to risks that impact their colleagues, their customers, their reputation and, ultimately, their bottom line. Risks that they often don’t see coming. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only dominated the risk landscape, it has fundamentally altered how business leaders prepare for emerging risks.

For companies that feel very prepared heading into a recession, addressing risk isn’t a choice – it’s a question of survival. In our 2022 Executive Risk Survey, 62 percent of very prepared leaders agreed that their company’s appetite to address risk has increased in response to the current economic volatility.

Aon is best placed to help clients navigate this new risk landscape, becoming a business partner that offers tailor-made services to help clients cope with the unexpected, protecting their assets and enabling them to continue growing their organizations.


Proportion of "very prepared" business leaders who agree that their companies' appetite for risk has increased in the current economic environment.

Source:  Aon's 2022 Executive Risk Survey

Organizations are exposed to risks that impact their employees, customers, and reputations.


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Making the Right Decisions

When the worst happens, we help our clients navigate the challenge and get them back on their feet quickly. Should, for example, a ransomware attack hit your organization, our digital forensic incident response team can be quickly on hand to undertake a thorough investigation of the situation to help mitigate the impact of a cyber event and restore operations. Our forensic analysis of the attack — and other cyber vulnerabilities within your organization — will mean that you will have a clearer picture of the threat and better advice on the best next steps. You will therefore be able to make better decisions on how to protect your company.

Offer Stability in a Volatile World

Whether emerging or traditional risks, Aon’s expertise from around the world and local insight keep clients better informed and better advised, so they can make the right decisions for their business. From responding to cyber threats and protecting complex supply chains to evaluating climate-related needs, we understand and advise on all of today’s threats. That way, in a volatile world, our clients can find stability, competitive advantage and sustainable success. This leads to superior outcomes, accelerating innovation that improves access to new sources of capital and introduces relevant solutions that protect and grow our client’s business.

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