Rethinking Access to Capital

Rethinking Access to Capital

Let's partner to uncover new ways your organization can access capital.

Rethinking Access to Capital

Capital is the lifeblood of business and society. Constantly evolving, it is driven by new technology and new types of assets. Creating ever more risk but also new opportunities.

Fuelling Sustainable Growth

Whatever your organization, capital has always been critical to sustainable growth. But, in the face of increasing risk and complexity, we all need to be more creative and successful in our approach to capital. This is illustrated by our research, which found that of the total $313 billion in global economic losses from natural catastrophes in 2022, only $132 billion was covered by insurance.

By partnering with us, our clients know they are accessing cutting-edge analytics and proprietary solutions.

For example, our Intellectual Property Capital Market solution allows clients to access capital markets using collateral backed by their intellectual property (IP). One of the first deals to use this solution involved a client leveraging its IP as collateral to borrow more than $100 million from a lender, with the value of that collateral insured based on a collateral protection insurance policy. The policy was made possible using our proprietary valuation tools. With our innovative solution, the client was able to raise additional funds without diluting its equity.


Global economic losses from catastrophes in 2022 – of which only $132 billion was covered by insurance. 

Source: Weather, Climate & Catastrophe Insight, 2023 Annual Report – Aon

Data and analytics enable clients to make better decisions in accessing new forms of capital.


How SMEs Can Help Protect Against Growing IP Litigation Risk

IP litigation risk continues to evolve year-over-year, creating complex challenges for SMEs. You can help stay protected and prepared by focusing on these mitigation techniques.

Helping Clients Find the Capital — and Confidence — They Need

Our experts use data and analytics to enable clients to make better decisions that help them access new forms of capital.

It might be decisions on how to match a company’s risks with the right capital structure or helping governments fund emergency recovery through the sourcing of new capital. It can be formulating the true value of every asset both physical and intangible and the measures needed to protect them all against the everyday threats — as well as any possible catastrophic events on the horizon.

Driving Growth and Innovation 

From helping clients use analytics to identify efficiencies to unlocking the tangible value of intangible assets, Aon’s global expertise and local insights help clients find the capital — and the confidence — they need to innovate and grow.

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