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More than 800 banking companies—including consumer, commercial, corporate, investment, regional and community— rely on the Radford McLagan Compensation Database to meet their benchmarking needs. Learn more about how we can support your organization below.

Industry Coverage

The Radford McLagan Compensation Database provides decision-makers with access to incredible insights spanning a wealth of companies, employees and countries on a unified platform. Our banking sector coverage spans:

  • 800+

    Participating Organizations

  • 3.5

    Million Employees

  • 30+

    Countries with Reported Results

Join Your Peers

The Radford McLagan Compensation Database is trusted by thousands of companies to attract, retain and motivate their global workforce. We partner with the world's leading banking firms, including:

  • 10+ of the Largest U.S. and International Banks
  • 20+ of the Largest Merchant & Acquirer Services Firms
  • 50 of the Top 50 Commercial Banks
  • All Top 25 U.S. Banks
  • 300+ Investment Banking Firms
  • 100+ Commercial Real Estate Businesses
  • 80+ Bank, Captive and Independent Leasing Firms
  • 40+ Middle Market Leveraged Finance Firms
  • 85+ Mortgage Banking Firms

Navigating the competitive talent market demands industry leading data and analytics enabling better decision making. We’ve got you covered so you can take a data-driven approach to compensation decisions.

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Job Library

Our comprehensive job library spans most business functions business function and includes an extensive collection of jobs - something we call a job module - focused specifically on the banking sector. Within these job modules, you’ll find a wide range of highly-targeted banking functions, including:

  • Alternative Execution Services
  • Asset Pricing & Appraisal
  • ATM Management
  • Auto Finance Operations
  • Branch Sales
  • Branch Teller
  • Capacity Planning & Forecasting
  • Card Portfolio Management
  • Chief Banking Officer
  • Client Implementation & Delivery
  • Client Services Delivery
  • Collections Strategy
  • Commercial Banking
  • Commercial Lending
  • Commission Management
  • Construction Lending
  • Consumer Group Services
  • Credit Review
  • Derivatives
  • Digital Banking Support
  • Digital Operations
  • Digital transformation
  • Equity Indices
  • Exchange Floor
  • Financial Advisory / Brokerage
  • Financial Engineering & Modeling
  • Financial Futures & Options
  • Fraud Management
  • Insurance
  • Interest Rates
  • Internal Audit
  • Loan Product Development
  • Macro Research
  • Mortgage Banking
  • New Accounts Representative
  • Origination/Structuring
  • Portfolio Retention
  • Product Specialist – Commodities
  • Product Specialist – E-Commerce
  • Proprietary Trading
  • Regional Banking President
  • Relationship Management
  • Research – Country and Region
  • Research – Financial Institutions
  • Research – Public Finance
  • Sales Trading Assistant
  • Secondary Marketing
  • Specialty Finance
  • Subsidiary Bank President
  • Treasury and Cash Management
  • Underwriting, Credit & Workout
  • Universal Banker
  • Wealth Management
  • XVA Trading

In addition, our database coverage includes data for sales, investor relations and infrastructure roles, including compliance, finance, human resources, operations and many others.

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Compensation Data Elements

The Radford McLagan Compensation Database is designed to help decision-makers set pay with confidence across numerous compensation elements. Key compensation details available include:

  • Base Salary
  • Allowances (Cars, Housing,
  • Fixed Compensation
  • Actual Bonus Payouts
  • Target Bonus
  • Total Cash Compensation
  • Annual/Ongoing Equity
  • Annual/Ongoing Equity
  • Total Direct Compensation

Pricing and Support

Fees to participate in and access the Radford McLagan Compensation Database will vary based on your benchmarking goals. Key factors impacting price include the number of countries where you need data, the types of jobs you need to benchmark and your overall employee headcount. Once we know more about these factors, our team can quickly create a cost-effective proposal to meet your specific needs.

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All subscriptions to the Radford McLagan Compensation Database include 24/7 access to the Human Capital Analytics platform, which will deliver instantly accessible survey results, input resources and market insights for everyone on your team. Additionally, all clients are assigned a dedicated data consultant to support you during the survey input and data review process. This consultant will be your point of contact for training and reporting questions.


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Source: Human Capital Analytics portal