Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Benefits Snapshot

DEI Benefits Snapshot

Learn how your organization can benefit from DEI Benefits Snapshot. 

What is a DEI Benefits Snapshot?

A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Benefits Snapshot is an analysis and report that reviews a benefit program design through a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lens. The report highlights aspects of design that generally support DEI and opportunities for change and offers a peer group comparison.

Why is it Important to Analyze Retirement Benefits from a DEI Perspective?

Features of benefit programs can favor — or create obstacles for — certain groups of employees. While some of these biases may support other business objectives, others may be unintentional. Gaining a high-level understanding of where there is an opportunity for greater inclusivity can help organizations target where to update a benefit program or where to monitor for unintended outcomes.

A DEI Benefits Snapshot analysis can be a powerful first step to addressing the inclusion and diversity of a benefit program.

How Does Aon's DEI Benefits Snapshot Work?

Aon’s DEI Benefits Snapshot is based on general benefit provisions of an organization across several different benefit areas: retirement, financial wellbeing, healthcare, paid time off, family benefits and active welfare plans. These programs are scored, with points being given to provisions that tend to be more equitable, flexible, support vulnerable populations and are less subject to bias.

  • Benefit Program Scoring and Analysis Through DEI Lens


    Using a DEI lens, the scoring considers whether:

    • The design supports equity across factors such as pay, service and types of households
    • The benefits offer features that recognize the needs of subsets of the population
    • The program creates barriers or offers support for individual circumstances

    In addition, the scoring recognizes emerging trends in benefit design that tend to be more supportive of equity and inclusion. An organization’s results will be compared to the average score of a peer group to provide added perspective on the current state of the market. 

  • Process Requirements and Report Delivery


    To get started on a DEI Benefits Snapshot analysis, an organization needs to:

    • Respond to a data request for benefits information that is needed for this study
    • Select a peer group from the list of organizations in Aon’s database or select a standard comparison group

    Once the data is collected, the analysis will take about four weeks. The report will be delivered in a one-hour online meeting.

  • Contextualizing the Results


    When it comes to DEI sensitivity and benefits trends, programs vary greatly across organizations. A peer group comparison can help put a score in perspective. This analysis can be done using a peer group selected from Aon’s Benefit SpecSelect™ database or a standard comparator group.

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