Pension Actuarial Services

Pension Actuarial Services

Learn how your organization can benefit from pension actuarial services. 

What are Pension Actuarial Services?

Pension actuarial services include the guidance, valuations, analysis, and other advice provided by actuarial professionals for trustees and companies to help ensure that an organization’s defined benefit (DB) plan assets and liabilities are aligned to meet financial and risk objectives.

Why Use Pension Actuarial Services?

In this fast-paced, heavily regulated world, organizations need to be confident that financial and risk objectives match their DB plan’s assets and liabilities. Changes to plan design, assumptions, or asset allocation can impact company goals. Pension actuarial service providers can identify risks, prioritize opportunities, and give organizations access to critical market data that can help consistently mitigate risks and create investment opportunities for DB plans.

How Do Aon's US Actuarial Services Work?

  • Domestic Actuarial Consulting

    Aon’s U.S. actuarial professionals deliver timely, accurate valuations for an organization’s pension and other post-employment benefit plans. Our insights guide clients through strategic decisions about plan options, improvements, and possible outcomes.

  • Real-Time Insights

    Aon actuarial consultants analyze trends in retirement benefits and provide regular updates on hot topics that affect an organization’s plan. These insights help clients:

    • Develop a strategic plan for retirement programs aligned with business needs
    • Comply with changes in plan funding, accounting, and administration
    • Create and implement timely funding and accounting solutions

  • Proactive Cash Flow Strategies

    Our cash flow projections and future expense estimates help clients move out of reactive mode with immediate, customized alerts for regulatory and accounting changes. Additionally, we provide regular compliance reviews to quickly target and implement changes and quarterly pension risk assessments to help monitor funding and investment policies.

  • Timely Results

    Through in-depth planning, powerful tools, and a proven process, our actuarial consultants offer:

    • Annual funding valuation results, delivered with ample time for key funding decisions
    • Fast turnaround of benefit calculations and year-end disclosures
    • Meaningful financial projections from Aon’s trusted tools

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