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Capital Modeling Tools

Learn how your organization can benefit from capital modeling tools. 

Why is Capital Modeling Important?

Forward-looking insurance companies are embracing capital modeling to manage their financial resources more effectively. By understanding the risks and uncertainties, insurance companies can make informed decisions about how to allocate their capital to maximize returns and minimize risk.

By modeling and stress-testing the complete risk profile of the business, insurance companies can determine how much capital they need to hold to meet regulatory requirements and sustain growth in a challenging and dynamic environment.

How Aon Can Help

Aon brings choice and innovation across its ReMetrica and Tyche tools so that actuaries can make better decisions around their capital modeling according to their needs – from no-code, out-of-the-box to customized solutions.

Through a combination of complementary technology, software and consulting services, Aon is the market-leading provider of capital modeling solutions worldwide, offering a scalable solution suited to any modeling requirements and the organization’s needs.


Over 200 companies, including many of the world’s largest insurers, reinsurers and consultants, use Aon’s capital modeling solutions.

How We Collaborate with Clients

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    Work starts with a detailed discovery of a client’s needs to identify the solution that best fits their requirements. 

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    An implementation project helps integrate the capital model with the client data and system and to develop any bespoke functionality, with Aon and the client working as a team. 

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    The end solution can be delivered on-premise or as part of a hosted cloud offering. 

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    Clients are then fully self-sufficient and can operate and update the model themselves. However, we retain a close relationship to review how well the model works and offer 24/7 support.

Our Modeling Tools

  • Tyche Capital Model

    The Tyche Capital Model is built on the award-winning* Tyche platform which won Insurance ERM’s actuarial modeling solution of the year in 2020.

  • ReMetrica

    The award-winning ReMetrica tool is used by many companies worldwide for building user-developed capital models with an emphasis on real business use and UW risk, including full internal models for regulatory regimes globally.

Why Work with Aon

As the world’s largest provider of capital modeling solutions, our actuaries use our products every day, so we understand your evolving needs and are always ready to respond.

  • Tyche Capital Model: How You Can Benefit
    • Implement a model with no coding or development required
    • The dynamic data workflow makes it easy to add additional classes or reinsurance contracts
    • Workflow benefits such as analyzing changes in model inputs and results
    • Scales to handle modeling problems of any size
    • Only insurance modeling system to efficiently model both life and non-life risks in a single platform
  • ReMetrica: How You Can Benefit
    • Rapidly build models and workflows using a modular, visual approach
    • Address complex catastrophe, aggregation and reinsurance requirements
    • Dynamically build models for multiple classes of business
    • Input and model version control facilitate comparison of historical runs
    • Modularity of software makes it highly scalable and allows for team collaboration
    ReMetrica is used for many regulatory capital models, including the UK and Lloyd’s, France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Canada and South Africa.

To help you make better decisions on reservingpricing and capital modeling, Aon provides a suite of integrated technology across property and casualty and life, including composites, with strategic technical expertise to optimize operational efficiencies and enrich insight across your workflow.

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