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Strategy and Technology Group

We bring insights and software together to help (re)insurers make better business decisions.

Better Decisions to Build Resilience

Why Now?

Forward-thinking insurance companies are driving the economy by protecting businesses, governments and communities. At the same time, insurers are seeking opportunities to grow and prosper. Driving profitable growth, maintaining relevance and boosting operational efficiencies are essential when the economy is flourishing — even more so in times of instability.

To meet shareholder and societal demands, insurers need to adopt a risk/reward approach to drive performance. Aon's Strategy and Technology Group helps (re)insurers build more resilient businesses.

How Aon Can Help

In a volatile market, every opportunity counts. We bring together insight and software to help (re) insurers make better business decisions and execute strategies.

If you are looking to grow faster and more profitably, boost efficiency, build customer relevance and better deploy capital, Aon’s Strategy and Technology Group helps you define strategic goals with actionable insight.

We can also bring the power of Aon to help clients make better decisions. What do you see as the biggest opportunity for your company?

Our Approach

We deliver tailor-made solutions for a range of opportunities across property and casualty, and life. Our strategy consulting proposition is at the heart of what we do, underpinned by our technology suite, bringing the best of Aon to seamlessly meet a broad range of (re)insurer goals at scale.

Strategy Offerings

Technology Offerings


Navigating Your Opportunities and Challenges with Aon's Strategy and Technology Group

Why Work With Us?

Partnering with our team ensures your organization gains access to a wealth of knowledge and experience tailor-made for (re)insurers. Our strengths include the following:

  • Consulting and Software | Our 500-plus professionals deliver data-driven, actionable insights
  • Project Execution | We seamlessly deliver complete solutions, as evidenced by the completion of more than 1,000 client projects over 15 years
  • Industry Knowledge | Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we generate maximum economic value for clients via benchmarking and best practices
  • Global Network | Capitalize on our network of professionals around the world, working in the areas of commercial risk, health, reinsurance, talent and wealth
  • Data and Analytics | We provide proprietary insights across industries and geographies, with more than $190 billion of premiums placed per annum
  • Integrated Technology | Across the property, casualty and life product lines, including composites, our tools enrich insights across your workflow with solutions from Tyche, ReMetrica and PathWise designed to help you make better decisions on reserving, pricing and capital modeling
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Your team's impact extends beyond immediate results; it has laid a foundation for sustained success for our employees, clients and partners. As our industry continues to evolve, I am excited and reassured to have STG by our side in 2024 and beyond.

Senior Director at Markel

Delivering Better Outcomes

We partner with insurers to discover their opportunities and challenges to develop strategies and deliver plans to satisfy their spectrum of stakeholders. We listen to our clients and respond with tailored solutions in a rapidly evolving marketplace. We also execute transactions through Aon’s regulated entities. Our insights and delivery are focused solely on helping clients, and we review success based on their goals. We refresh our solutions through frequent collaboration to maintain value, efficacy, relevance and impact.

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