Pre-Hire Talent Assessment

Pre-Hire Talent Assessment

Learn how your organization can benefit from pre-hire talent assessment. 

Talent Assessments: Attract and Hire the Workforce You Need

Do you have the strategy and tools you need to attract and hire the right people?

The Hiring Challenge

Hiring the right people has never been more challenging. In many sectors there are skills shortages. At the same time, how and where people work is changing, employees’ expectations of work are shifting, technology is constantly evolving — all in an increasingly volatile world.

Organizations must manage different types of volatility and build robust workforces to succeed. To attract and hire the people you want, you need innovative talent strategies and new assessment tools.

How Talent Assessments Can Support Hiring
  • Make Better Hiring Decisions. Compare the competencies, values and behaviors of applicants against the job role. By selecting people who already live your company’s values, you will benefit from stronger employee engagement and retention.
  • Make Faster Hiring Decisions. Pre-hire tests save time, energy and money. Talent decisions and time-to-offer using AI-augmented assessments means your hiring managers will spend less time in interviews with unsuitable candidates.
  • Deliver Seamless Hiring Experiences. Aon is collaborating with to help employers streamline the hiring process by using artificial intelligence and intelligent automation.
  • Excel at the Candidate Experience. How you treat your candidates says a lot about your organization. Attractive, easy-to-use assessments help you to engage applicants while managing their expectations.
  • Find Tech Talent. The hunt for technology experts has sparked a drive towards unconventional approaches to recruitment. This includes removing the need for degree and identifying applicants with the right skill set instead. Coding is one of the most sought-after proficiencies that organizations are looking at when hiring tech talent. Learn more about Aon’s coding assessments.
Why Choose Aon for Talent Development Assessments?
  • 30M+

    assessments deployed each year.

  • 40+

    languages serviced.

  • 500+

    colleagues with assessment expertise.

Features of Aon’s Talent Assessments
  • Fair and unbiased assessments
  • Integrate into your HRIS/ATS
  • Seamless candidate experience
  • Scientifically sound behavioural assessments
  • Gamified and mobile-first assessments
  • Experienced Industrial-Organizational I/O psychologists available to advise
  • Available in multiple languages; Drive high completion rates

How Assessments Support Talent Acquisition KPIs

Well-designed talent assessments can help you improve key KPIs by:

  • Cutting the time-to-hire, helping you to save time and budget
  • Reducing turnover by identifying candidates who can learn quickly, adapt to change and thrive
  • Offering fair and inclusive way to assess candidates, supporting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB)
  • Boosting your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) by delivering an outstanding candidate experience, the foundation for the employee experience
Make Better Hiring Decisions


Make Better Hiring Decisions

Organizations must attract and retain a broader and more diverse talent pool with the skills needed for the future. While talent assessment is embedded in the hiring process in many leading firms, assessments are underutilized.

Short Description

Volume Hiring: Talent Assessments Empower Hiring Programs at Scale

If you need to fuel rapid growth, want to build a flexible workforce or are looking for seasonal hiring, talent assessments can help.

Quickly Hire Quality Candidates

Assessments can help you to reduce turnover by identifying candidates who can learn quickly, adapt to change and thrive in the role. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Find The Best Quickly. Identify promising candidates early through skills testing and realistic job previews. This helps you to fill essential roles quickly and find the best individual-to-job match.
  • Offer Engaging, Job-Relevant and Branded Assessments. These deliver a positive candidate experience and develop a strong relationship with participants as well as helping you to uncover potential employees' values, characteristics, and skills.
  • Improve Diversity. Volume hiring assessments give all applicants a fair chance. This approach will help to increase the diversity and inclusivity of your organization.
Measurable Results in High Volume Recruitment
  • US$120K saved over three years with better pre-selection (easyJet)
  • 35 percent reduction of low-fit applicants due to opting out (Dubai Duty Free)
  • 62 percent applicants screened out based on value assessment (Jurys Inn)
  • 50 percent reduction in time-to-hire based on process efficiencies (Outcome Health)


applicants screened out based on value assessment.

Jurys Inn

Intern, Graduate and Early Careers Talent

Recruiting Generation Z is a competitive process. To hire successfully you need to be an employer of choice. Organizations must make a good first impression too. Make the time that candidates spend with you as engaging as possible.

Attract And Win the Best Applicants

We’ll work with you to design a screening and recruitment process that stands out and fits your brand. Competency-based video interviewing? A messaging app test? The possibilities are endless. Here are some of the ways we help you:

  • Define What “the Best” Means. We help you develop a success profile to guide your graduate recruitment strategy, based on your values and culture.
  • Assess The Person Not the CV. Work experience is not needed to predict job performance. Talent assessments help you identify and place early-career talent in the right roles to thrive and grow.
  • Promote Diversity. Making selection decisions solely on job-relevant criteria brings in a more diverse cohort. Assessment tools that are scientifically proven not to have bias are essential.
  • Make Your Brand Exciting. You want to be remembered for an engaging hiring process experience. Build strong relationships with your employer brand by creating a positive candidate experience.
Measurable Outcomes in Early-Stage Talent
  • 40 percent increase in candidates passing the initial application stage (Ocado)
  • 70 percent positive candidate feedback for Aon’s gamified assessments, which were described as “market leading” (Deloitte)
  • 3.3 percent increase in minority applicants (BAE Systems)


positive candidate feedback for Aon’s gamified assessments, which were described as “market leading”.


Trainee and Apprentice Selection

An effective apprentice selection strategy saves time and money. It secures the right people with the right cognitive skills and abilities, personality traits, motivation and organizational fit.

Attract High Potential Candidates

Apprenticeship programs can help develop a more diverse workforce and attract talented people talent into the business. Here are some of the advantages using assessment solutions.

  • Improve Hiring Efficiency. Identify the best applicants quickly and provide an engaging hiring process. Identify people of all talents and backgrounds with a fair, reliable and data-driven apprentice selection process.
  • Engage with your Applicants. Showcase opportunities using job simulations to inform and help trainees to make the right career choice for their interests and aptitudes.
  • Hire for the Long Term. Improve the long-term program success by focusing on candidates who have what it takes to successfully complete your training program.
Measurable Outcomes of Our Apprentice and Trainee Assessments
  • 95 percent successful completion rate of apprenticeship program (Siemens)
  • 62 percent of applicants screened out based on business-fit (Jurys Inn)
  • 66 percent reduction in interviews needed (Nobina)
  • 5.2 percent increase in female applicants (BAE Systems)


reduction in interviews needed.


Assessments to Support Your Workforce’s Resilience

To succeed, employees need to navigate many forms of volatility and build their resilience.

Our research shows that organizations are struggling how to enable sustainable resilience. Aon can help organizations measure resilience on an individual, team and organizational level. Aon’s Workforce Resilience Model provides an organizational benchmark highlighting focus areas. The Human Sustainability Index is the assessment tool to understand individual and team resilience.

Integrate Talent Assessments with Your ATS/HRIS

Making the hiring process as easy as possible is essential. Aon’s talent assessments integrate with over 80 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and HR Information Systems (HRIS) platforms.

Create a Seamless Application Process

With our extensive experience we help you to navigate a success integration process. Here are some of the HR platforms and applicant tracking systems we integrate with: amris, AplyGo, CornerStone On Demand, d.vinci, greenhouse, gti, Haufe Talent, icims, Kenexa an IMB company, Lumesse TalentLink, Oleeo, Oracle, PageUp, persis, ReachMee, rexx systems, SAP, SmartRecruiters SuccessFactors, Webcruiter, Talentsoft, Teamtailor, Workbuster, Workday, Oracle Peoplesoft.

Aon's ATS/HRIS Integration
  • Dedicated technical integration team
  • Expertise in security and data-protection
  • Strong experience in technical standards (e.g. HR-XML)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • ISO2001 certified
  • Gold level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN) and Oracle Validated Integration

Aon’s solutions strengthen hiring through psychometric assessments that are:

  • 01


    Assessment tools are multilingual and cross-culturally valid.

  • 02


    Easy to configure with end-to-end solutions, sync with third party technologies, and scale with ease.

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