Talent Assessment Products and Tools

Talent Assessment Products and Tools

Learn how your organization can benefit from talent assessment products and tools. 

Make Better Talent Selection and Development Decisions

Aon's talent assessments help organizations define, align, and transform their people strategies with scientifically valid and robust assessment designs.

We provide clients with powerful tools and meaningful talent insights at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Each year, we administer more than 30 million assessments in over 40 languages across 90 countries.

Ability and Skills Talent Assessments

Find best-fit talent, engage applicants from diverse backgrounds and predict future success.

Ability assessments are powerful predictors of job performance and long-term professional success. They are often used early in the hiring process.

  • Features of Aon’s Ability and Skills Assessments

    Aon’s ability and skills assessments are a quick, engaging and efficient way to hire employees at scale. The mobile-first assessments make it easy for applicants to complete ability assessments at their own convenience and in multiple languages.

    Our assessments are customizable to your brand and are designed to be delivered without a supervisor.

    Aon’s assessments are accurate and psychometrically robust while including gaming elements that deliver stronger candidate engagement and higher completion rates.

    Aon’s Ability and Skills Assessments Measure:
    • Abstract Logical Ability
    • Cognitive Ability
    • Numerical Ability
    • Language Proficiency
    • Verbal Ability

Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral assessments measure those characteristics vital to consistent performance at work. Understanding how people are likely to behave helps organizations make better hiring, promotion and development decisions. Aon’s award-winning behavioral assessment, ADEPT-15™, is based on 15 behavioural dimensions and forms the basis of Aon’s personality suite.

  • Types of Aon’s Behavioral Talent Assessments
    • Behavioral Talent Assessments are used early in the selection process to identify the best-fit applicants. The assessments come with an interview guide to probe risk areas.
    • Integrity Assessments can be used to predict counterproductive work behavior and help avoid financial loss or damage to employer brand. They can also help identify how well individuals can handle sensitive data and company property.
    • Creativity Assessments are used to identify those with the potential to innovate. Creativity is critical to maintaining and growing a company’s intellectual property.

Coding Assessments

Organizations have started to explore new approaches to hire technology talent. Some companies are removing the requirement for a formal higher education qualification. Companies now look for candidates with the skills for the job.

  • Uses of Coding Assessments

    A coding simulation provides valuable, job-specific data on each candidate’s skills and abilities. Aon’s coding simulation provides a robust and scientific means of assessing technical talent and allows HR and hiring managers to:

    • Assign coding challenges to candidates and observe their progress in real-time. Interviewers can rate candidates based on these exercises, offering a complete snapshot of each candidate’s abilities.
    • Identify candidates with the most potential from the beginning of the hiring process, with customizable options across 30+ programming languages and five complexity levels.
    • Assess tech talent by evaluating their ability to write logically correct, complete and algorithmically efficient code.

Job Simulations

Predict on-the-job performance. Get an insight into candidate potential and make better selection decisions with situational judgment tests.

Aon’s situational judgment tests are embedded in an engaging platform to collect data predicting candidates’ on-the-job behaviors and performance. These insights lead to better selection decisions.

  • Features of Aon’s Job Simulations
    • Scientifically robust process applied to develop tailored and credible scenarios of what the job entails. A validation study prior to launch ensures excellent validity and demonstrable return on investment.
    • Provides applicants with insights to real, every-day work situations – enabling applicants to opt out if they don’t like what they see. Participants who opt out save themselves and the organization time and effort. Those participants who like what they see, are motivated to continue and often have high pass rates at further stages.
    • Our flexible technology allows easy translations of the job simulations and ensures a positive participant experience.

Remote Proctoring

How do you ensure that the person invited to an online assessment is the one actually taking the assessment?

Remote proctoring solutions identify inconsistencies and monitor behavior which might signal cheating — thereby ensuring honest and fair assessment results.

  • Features of Aon’s Remote Proctoring
    • Reduce the risk of cheating: Candidates are aware that the selection process is being monitored. They cannot ask someone else to complete the assessment or use resources they are not permitted to access.
    • Protect your employer brand: When candidates are confident that other candidates cannot cheat in the assessment process, it reinforces the fairness of your selection progress.
    • Easy to use: Aon’s virtual proctoring can be activated quickly and easily, with minimal set-up time.
    • Gives you control: You decide whether candidates must accept proctoring or if they are able to opt out — and what happens next.
    • Improve accessibility: Aon’s online proctoring works on mobile devices along with all our talent assessments. Candidate instructions are available in multiple languages.

Video Assessments

Aon’s video assessment platform gives talent leaders the insights they need to make the best selection decisions.

Our asynchronous proprietary AI video interview platform enables candidates to answer questions in their own time, while also enabling you to provide a transparent and consistent interview experience.

  • Introducing Aon's Video Interviewing Tool
    • vidAssess-AI reduces bias. vidAssess-AI scans the words spoken by interviewees in their responses and then scores them by each competency area. The tool focuses on speech-to-text only and uses a natural language-processing artificial intelligence. Our video assessment platform uses AI to minimize human bias while ensuring a legally defendable, fair and transparent process for both the candidate and the interviewing organization.
    • Flexible: Select from over 600 interview questions or use your own. Our client-independent AI model draws on our award-winning validated personality model (ADEPT-15™) to help you define and measure the competencies of your choice for the role at hand. The tool can be integrated to most applicant tracking systems and is available in multiple languages.
    • Engage your candidates. Ask your applicants to record and upload responses. You decide what they do, and your candidates have the freedom to decide when to do it.
    • Make the decision, with confidence. Within seconds, you get a report detailing the interview scores per competency. Hiring managers then review the report and can confirm or amend the results based on their interpretation or data from additional assessments, before making a decision.

Virtual Assessment Centers

Online talent assessment platforms can be used both for pre-hire assessment and evaluating your current workforce.

Virtual Assessment Centers give participants an opportunity to explore what it looks like to work for your organization — generally or in a specific role. Role simulations, case studies, group activities and competency-based interviews are all conducted on one platform, with candidates getting valuable feedback with actionable insights.

  • Features of Aon’s Virtual Assessment Center
    • Virtual business exercise: Assess an individual’s potential to operate as a leader in the future world of work. An engaging and realistic virtual business exercise enhances the participant experience. Aon offers both off-the-shelf as well as tailored business exercises.
    • Robust candidate assessment with virtual case studies: Candidates must understand, evaluate, and analyze written information and record their answers which are evaluated against job-relevant criteria. The virtual case studies can then be assessed at a time that is convenient for the talent acquisition team.
    • Streamline the assessors' debrief: Manage the entire assessment discussion on the platform. Assessors can add their observations and rank candidates accordingly. Participants receive feedback reports with in-depth insight on their performance.
    • For future leaders: The Leadership Development Center supports you in assessing and identifying your in-house leaders quickly and reliably.

To thrive and lead in the future, employers need to transform their approach to people, jobs, and rewards.

Attract and Retain Talent More Effectively with Technology


Attract and Retain Talent More Effectively with Technology

Disruptive technologies are changing how employers attract, hire and retain talent. Employers are discovering new ways to engage talent through the use of immersive and disruptive artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and virtual technology – technology that is deepening the employer-employee experience.

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