Sustainable Manager Program

Sustainable Manager Program

Learn how your organization can benefit from our Sustainable Manager Program.

Empower and develop your managers to build a sustainable workforce

The role of the people manager has grown in complexity as managers are tasked with ensuring that their teams deliver as much value as possible for their organization, while also being responsible for supporting their team’s wellbeing.

Managers also face pressure from senior leaders to better understand their workforce’s wellbeing needs to maintain the capability to deliver work and adapt to change. Yet 50% of managers do not feel equipped to support their team's wellbeing. Empathetic leadership does not come naturally to all – but it can be learned.

We know that when managers are supported to behave in a way that is constructive and motivational, it has a positive influence on team wellbeing, engagement and consequently overall performance. The builds a sustainable workforce. It also has a positive effect on a firm’s employee value proposition, making it a more attractive to talent.

Aon’s Sustainable Manager Program

Aon’s Sustainable Manager Program equips managers to reach the full potential of their leadership capabilities. It combines an assessment of personal wellbeing together with a manager effectiveness development program.

The Sustainable Manager Program has been designed for managers at different stages of their career and facing different challenges. It is delivered online and requires just 90 minutes of the manager’s time. The initial programme can be supplemented with additional group coaching sessions and links to relevant organizational resources.

The program offers practical insights and guidance to those with a leadership role in an organization. It helps organizations to build a sustainable workforce.

When to Use the Sustainable Manager Program

What is Sustainable Management?

We define sustainable management as having three dimensions:

  • Foundational Sustainability: A manager’s innate capacity to engage with and adapt to wellbeing practices. These behaviors are usually consistent over time. The assessments at the outset of the program measure resilience and the growth mindset.
  • Personal Sustainability: How a manager’s current lifestyle practices are linked to their wellbeing. Scores are benchmarked against global averages. Areas measured include Meaning and Purpose, Mental Health, Community, Physical Health, Financial Health.
  • Managerial Sustainability: How a manager leads, the culture they foster and the behaviors they demonstrate.

How the Sustainable Manager Program Works

After completing the diagnostic assessments, managers are invited to follow personalized upskilling pathways to ensure they develop the skills and practices they need to support both their own wellbeing and their team’s wellbeing.

  • Measure Capabilities

    Completion of initial online diagnostic assessment tools to explore personality, personal wellbeing and management capabilities. Less than 90 minutes time investment required.

  • Actionable Insights and Feedback

    An instantly downloadable Personal Insights Guide provides clarity and focuses action to accelerate learning via Aon’s ManagerGrow modules. Builds week-on-week as learning modules are completed.

  • Ongoing Learning

    Connects managers to learning resources and virtual group workshop sessions to cultivate sustainable leadership skills. Includes self-learning, team learning and wellbeing.

Help Your People Managers to Make Better Decisions

Aon’s Sustainable Manager Program helps organizations support their managers and solve business and workforce challenges. It enables organizations to better understand the wellbeing of their managers, can bolster managers’ capabilities to support their team's wellbeing, all in a scalable and time effective way.

Training and Transforming Managers for the Future of Work


Training and Transforming Managers for the Future of Work

Effective managers are essential for organizations to remain competitive. As the role of managers evolves to focus more on employee wellbeing and productivity, leaders can rethink their manager training practices.

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