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Addressing the Underserved Addressing the Underserved

Addressing the Underserved

Accelerating Change to Help the Underserved

In a world of rapid social and economic change, we find ways to protect individuals and help communities and companies recover and thrive

Our Economy is Interconnected

Aon helps shape decisions for the benefit of all – to connect where it matters most

Addressing the Underserved

The rapidly changing world is leaving many people, communities and even countries behind. From small and medium-sized businesses to government bodies and institutions, traditional service providers are failing to meet the needs of organizations by continuing to promote offerings that reflect an obsolete notion of how the world operates. Aon wants to change that by providing the help and expertise for the underserved to recover and thrive.

Mind the (Protection) Gap

Aon has solutions that can address this protection gap and support those underserved by the global economy. We know support is needed — in fact our Global Risk Management Survey shows us that nine of the Top 10 Risks are either uninsurable or only partly insurable.

One such risk being natural disasters. Over the past 10 years, these have caused damage averaging more than $160 billion a year, but only about 37 percent of that is insured. This has created a gap of more than $102 billion. That is why Aon is working with businesses and insurers to create new and more cost-effective solutions for covering the risks we all face.

Parametric insurance solutions, which respond to movements in an index or the occurrence of a pre-agreed event such as extreme weather, can be tailored to an organization’s exposures and budget. This helps our clients protect their business without tying up unnecessarily large amounts of capital that could otherwise be spent on developing the business.

We are a leader in such risk transfer solutions. Our partnership with the World Bank led to the introduction of a $1.36 billion catastrophe bond to address earthquake risk in Latin America.

9 - the number of risks in Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey’s Top 10 Risks that are either uninsurable or only partly insurable
Traditional service providers are failing to meet the needs of organizations

Bespoke Solutions

With scalable solutions that protect communities, provide access to capital and enhance employee wellbeing, Aon can help organizations and individuals make better decisions that protect and enrich their lives.

From the individual decisions, such as those that help workers stay protected in the gig economy, to insights that help small businesses grow and organizations of all sizes flourish. It can also mean specific tools that give employees better access to proper wellbeing and health benefits or tailormade solutions that help government agencies and communities cope with crises and emerge stronger.

Big Challenges Need Better Decisions

The range of possibilities for helping the world’s underserved is broad. From a catastrophe bond that gives developing countries a path to recovery from disaster, to alliances between small business and leading technology providers that help speed up growth. Or from protecting the cargo ships that race vaccines around the world, to programs that commit companies of all sizes to a more responsible approach to climate change.

Aon’s experience and expertise, global understanding and advanced analytics can help all types of organizations — and individuals — achieve their full potential in our ever-changing world.