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Building a Resilient Workforce Building a Resilient Workforce

Building a Resilient Workforce

Preparing Your Workforce for the Future

With the fundamental shift in where, how and when work gets done, employers face vital decisions on how to enable an agile and high-performing workforce

Your Organization is Only as Resilient as Its People

Aon gives you the clarity and confidence to make work…work for everyone

Building a Resilient Workforce

Over the last decade, the world of work has changed dramatically. For individuals and their organizations. It’s a fundamental shift in where, how, and when work gets done and one that can easily cause a disconnect between a company and its employees.

Whether it’s the rise of remote working, an increasing focus on staff wellbeing or the expansion of the gig economy, businesses are facing mounting pressures from all sides. And they’re tackling this while trying to stand out from the crowd and attract the very best talent.

A Business's Most Valuable Asset? Its People

These rapidly changing trends have only been exacerbated by COVID-19, creating further challenges and increased volatility for businesses across the globe. Now, more than ever, organizations are feeling an increased sense of urgency and need to improve the agility and resilience of their workforce. In fact, our Global HR Pulse survey found that roughly 92 percent of companies say they have now made attraction and retention of staff a top priority. Many, however, lack the insight into their employee base to make informed decisions. A partnership with Aon can provide solutions that make tangible and long-lasting differences.

Image: 92% - Proportion of companies who have made attraction and retention of staff a top priority
Image: Make better decisions

Our expert advisors are here to ensure our clients make better decisions that create a more flexible, engaged, and resilient workforce. That can mean broad decisions on how to manage the evolving structure of work or more specific solutions, such as ways to achieve a healthier and more inclusive team. We also provide the tools for individuals to plan their own futures and for organizations to select new reward structures that aim to maximize profit as well as engagement.

We help our clients make the right decisions to ensure their workforce remains resilient today as well as into the future. For example, a large manufacturing client of ours knew that 30 percent of its workforce would likely see their existing skill sets become obsolete over the next three to five years. So they turned to us to help create a solution that would allow them to retrain and keep their staff. We built a platform to foster future skills and improve workforce agility by matching employees with the right upskilling opportunities.

Shaping Better Decisions

The long-term success of any organization is determined by the result of a series of decisions. And in a world where tomorrow is full of unknowns, we want to create solutions that adapt to the changing needs of organizations. From showing how to stay ahead as work evolves to helping individuals and organizations realize their shared ambitions. From boosting performance through employee health and wellbeing programs to building bespoke solutions that provide for a secure retirement, we make sure our clients are better informed and better advised, so that they can make better decisions. Whatever the next decade brings.