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Solvency II initiatives

Within the Solvency II context, we’ve performed more than 80 Quantitative Impact Studies (QIS) and supported dozens of insurance and reinsurance companies to design and implement relevant actuarial, risk and governance processes, as well as optimised reinsurance structures.

We are also supporting many insurance companies and Lloyds syndicates in their Internal Model development, documentation and validation. In addition, we have been or are working on more than 40 Pillar II implementation projects throughout European Union countries.

Within the SST context, we have advised and implemented a framework in about 30 companies, for which we are the appointed actuaries, and we have run the SST/RBC model since 2006.

On the Regulatory side, we can point out our role in:

  • Taking part in various working groups at national and EU level with regulatory bodies, including the CAT task force where AonBenfield took an instrumental role
  • Working with our professional lobbyists in Brussels to highlight to the European Commission and European Parliament the primary concerns relayed by captive owners about Solvency II and the need for proportionality as well as proposing solutions that support the perspective of both the industry and the spirit of the Solvency II initiative.
  • Collaborating with partners such as ECIROA, FERMA, Regulators, Clients and others in tandem to support the industry perspective, publicize the concerns about existing proposals, anticipate the likely impact and provide concrete proposals where alternatives are required.

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