Delegated Pension Manager

Over the last decade, many pension plans have decreased equity holdings in favor of less volatile asset allocations. Now, more plan sponsors are moving into liability driven investing and adopting dynamic investment policies. It’s clear that today’s plans require a sophisticated strategy and timely execution, and that’s why Aon created Delegated Pension Manager (DPM), an integrated, end-to-end plan management solution.

Built for Modern Plan Management
Say goodbye to the old way of managing pension risk, with its poor coordination, inconsistent advice and slow execution of a sub-optimal strategy. DPM integrates your entire pension program and is designed with the aim to deliver better outcomes and more efficient operations.

Delegated Pension Manager

How Delegated Pension Manager Works
DPM guides you through the pension risk management process—from today to your desired future state—whether that’s plan termination or a sustainable, ongoing plan. With your approval, Aon executes key investment, actuarial, and administrative roles and communicates transparently with you.

DPM helps consolidate vendors, reduce fees and streamline communications. Our consultants provide integrated services that touch every part of your plan:

Your Pension Plan Challenges DPM Services
Holistic, integrated investment, actuarial and administration strategy Strategy
Managing fiduciary responsibility and increasing fees Investments
Cost management and unfunded liability volatility Actuarial
Limited internal resources Administration
Increased governance and compliance burdens Compliance
Settlement strategy coordination and execution Liability Settlements

Choose How to Work With Us
You can decide the service model that is right for you, based on your organization’s unique needs and strength. DPM can be fully outsourced to us for complete management of your pension plan, co-sourced to retain certain functions in-house, or in-sourced to utilize Aon’s powerful risk management tools.

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