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Aon Rising Resilient, How a culture of resilience is helping businesses combat an uncertain world

In the wake of the global pandemic, ‘wellbeing’ has taken on a new focus. While health and wellbeing programmes are nothing new to employers, our research shows that many employers struggle to ensure their programmes are effective at building resilience in their workforce.

Well-rounded wellbeing programmes – spread across the five pillars of wellbeing (physical, social, emotional, professional and financial) – are core to providing the basis for resilience, but without an effective communication strategy and dialogue with your workforce, the investment is likely to fail.

Rising, resilient companies provide that well-rounded approach to wellbeing, foster social connections between co-workers, support employees’ growth mindset and ultimately provide the supportive work environment in which people can become resilient. Those who achieve this have a team of healthier employees, who are more likely to stay with their employer, are more motivated and productive, and have a significantly better view of their employer as a modern brand.

Are you rising, resilient?

So you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own people strategy and create a platform for success, we are creating a tool that will assess your organisational approach to wellbeing and resilience and show you where, and how, to improve.

Our simple self-assessment tool will provide you with a profile based on your unique input and create key recommendations to help you become a rising, resilient organisation.

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