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Is your workforce at risk? Where could you be more resilient?

The rapid evolution of technology, changing sociocultural behaviours and demands, regulatory headwinds, economic volatility and other intrinsic challenges continue to impact multiple industries. Having endured the disruption caused by the pandemic, the demands on workforces continue to evolve and organisations must focus on building a resilient workforce in order to withstand internal and external pressures.

According to Aon’s Rising Resilient survey only 30% of employees were rated as resilient, leaving a large proportion of the workforce exposed to the risk of burnout, stress, absenteeism and even quiet quitting.

During times of uncertainty, businesses that put their people first are more likely to thrive. By creating a sustainable working life that promotes resilience, enables agility and fosters belonging, organisations can create a resilient workforce which will succeed and thrive.

Improving your employees’ sustainable working life has the potential to increase company performance by between 11 percent and 55 percent, according to Aon’s 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey.
To build a resilient workforce, organisations need an integrated strategy for human capital, health and wellbeing. Visionary leadership, drawing on a continuous dialogue with your workforce creates a sustainable working life both for individuals and organisations.
Workforce resilience is key to unlocking your organisation’s potential by reducing people-related risks.

Are you putting the right policies, culture and actions in place to foster a resilient workforce? Take our Workforce Resilience Risk Assessment to find out.

Is your workforce resilient?

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