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Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises

Cyber security tabletop exercises test, assess and improve your organization's cyber security incident response capabilities.

What are Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises?

Cyber security tabletop exercises test, assess and improve your organization's cyber security incident response capabilities. Through realistic simulation scenarios and collaborative discussions, Tabletop exercises help teams identify gaps in response plans, enhance communication and develop effective decision-making during a cyber incident.

Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises: The Why and When

Corporate networks have become infinitely more complex over the past decade, and cyber criminals pummel them with attacks that are growing in volume and sophistication. Cyber incidents are increasingly impactful to the bottom line, with the global cost of cybercrime expected to nearly triple in the coming five years. Timely and effective incident response is more important for an organization than ever. Ideally, the incident response plan should be tested and optimized before a potentially destructive security event occurs.

  • $23+T

    The global cost of cyber crime is expected to increase to $23.84 trillion by 2027, up from $8.44 trillion in 2022. (1)

  • 8.6%

    Estimated percentage of value public companies lose after a cyber breach. (2)

How Aon Can Help

Aon’s cyber security tabletop exercises simulate realistic scenarios that mirror real cyber attacks. The exercise walks through a scenario from beginning to end and includes detailed discussions and written feedback on how the organization can improve its incidence response plan. Cyber security tabletop exercises can lead to the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced Preparedness

    Tabletop exercises help teams understand and prepare for potential cyber threats, reducing the risk of a successful attack.

  • Improved Incident Response

    By testing response plans, tabletop exercises enable organizations to refine their strategies, developing efficient and effective decision-making during a real-life incident.

  • Strengthened Communication

    Tabletop exercises promote collaboration and communication among team members, fostering a culture of shared responsibility for cyber security.

  • Identification of Gaps

    By creating a realistic simulation of cyber incidents, the Aon team helps your organization identify and address gaps in your incident response plans and processes.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Aon’s post-exercise recommendations are designed to help clients evolve and mature their cyber security capabilities, enabling ongoing resilience against cyber threats.

Developing readiness to respond to cyber incidents is critical in an increasingly complex and interconnected digital landscape.

Clients that partner with Aon benefit from:

  • Deep and broad experience.

    The Aon team comprises professionals with extensive experience designing and facilitating tailored Tabletop Exercises across various industries.

  • Customization.

    The Aon team creates realistic scenarios specific to each organization’s needs, ensuring that teams experience relevant and challenging simulations.

  • A proactive approach.

    The Aon team designs each engagement to give clear, proactive steps that an organization can take to identify and address potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited in a cyber attack.

  • Trusted advisor.

    Aon is a recognized risk management and cyber security leader, offering reliable and effective solutions to protect digital assets.

Our Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises Methodology

  1. Preparation. The team begins by understanding the organization’s structure, people, processes and technologies and works with the client to define the scope and objectives of the exercise.
  2. Scenario development. Aon professionals with extensive experience in Tabletop Exercises create realistic cyber incident scenarios specific to the client’s industry sector and unique needs.
  3. Exercise facilitation. The Aon team guides participants through the simulation and promotes collaborative problem-solving.
  4. Evaluation. Facilitators report how the team performed during the exercise, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  5. Debrief and recommendations. The Aon team provides a detailed debrief outlining key findings and recommendations to enhance the client’s incident response capabilities.

The Aon Team

A global team delivers our cyber security tabletop exercises of highly qualified professionals with decades of deep and broad experience across all areas of cyber security and disciplines, including accounting, law enforcement, risk management, insurance and more. Aon’s proactive services are supported by real-world and unparalleled experience in digital forensics and incident response. Our incident response services help your business remain one step ahead in the rapidly changing cyber landscape.

(1) Cybercrime Expected To Skyrocket in Coming Years

(2) How Data Breaches Affect Stock Market Share Prices

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