Digital Forensics Services

Digital Forensics Services

Learn how your organization can benefit from digital forensics services. 

What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics involves in-depth analysis of electronic or digital media artifacts, often on corporate or personal devices, to trace and understand past activities.

Experienced digital forensics professionals use specialized tools, protocols and knowledge to help client organizations identify, extract, analyze and interpret vital data and information recovered during investigative processes.

Explore the research and data points below to learn more about why partnering with experienced digital forensics professionals can be an important value-add for organizations at time of rising cyber security risk:

  • 43%

    Internal actors are responsible for 43% of data loss, half of which was internal rather than accidental.

    Source: ITRC’s 2022 Data Breach Report

  • 1,862

    The number of data compromises in 2022 (1,802) was only 60 events short of the previous all-time high set in 2021 (1,862).

    Source: ITRC’s 2022 Data Breach Report

  • One

    Compromises increased year-over-year in every primary sector except one: military.

    Source: ITRC’s 2022 Data Breach Report

Digital Forensics Services: The Why and When

Organizations fall victim to cyber incidents every day. Many of these are perpetrated by outsiders, but close to half of them are caused by insiders – and many of those are malicious. People with legitimate credentials can access private corporate information, personal data of customers and employees, and more. They can share it with competitors, financially motivated cyber criminals, or others. In addition, there is often digital evidence of other types of workplace misconduct.

Whether it is a multi-million-dollar litigation, a data breach investigation or a case of employee wrongdoing, the first step is to uncover what happened. Finding, preserving and analyzing relevant data leads to fact-based conclusions that can be presented in court.

Aon's Digital Forensics Methodology

  • Identify

    Determine data sources with relevant information

  • Collect/Preserve

    Forensically preserve data from a range of digital media (computers, servers, mobile devices, cloud repositories, etc.)

  • Analyze

    Examine data from any piece of digital media to trace back steps to complete the picture of what happened, when and how

  • Report

    Draft peer-reviewed expert reports and/or documents for litigation proceedings (such as declarations, affidavits etc.)

  • Testify

    Provide written or oral testimony as a qualified expert speaking to conclusions from data analysis

How Aon Can Help

Digital forensics services from Aon provide the foundation for answering the key questions of who, what, when, where and how an incident occurred. We use proprietary technology and some of the most qualified professionals in the field to play a critical role in a wide range of high-stakes scenarios, such as:

  • Data Theft

    How much confidential, sensitive and/or proprietary data have been stolen? And how?

  • Workplace Misconduct

    How can we review communications and other digital evidence to uncover the truth of what happened?

  • Litigation Consulting

    How can we provide expert reporting and testimony that can’t be refuted?

  • Data Recovery

    How can we quickly recover critical data that has been lost due to inadvertent removal or failure of systems?

  • Data Remediation

    How can we quickly identify and delete stolen or leaked data from the wrong hands?

  • Technical Review/Assurance

    How can we validate technology- and data-related activities that may be under hold requirements?

  • Regulatory Compliance

    How can we review and validate responses to regulators and technically investigate or monitor systems to ensure no data is compromised?

  • Monitoring

    How can we review and validate responses to regulators and technically investigate or monitor systems to ensure no data is compromised?

The Aon Team

Our team includes recognized leaders in the field of digital forensics services. We shape best practices in digital investigations and risk management. Our specialists are among the most highly qualified professionals in their field, and we invest heavily in enhancing their skills with formal external training. Collectively, team members hold more than 75 different certifications from vendors and industry groups, ensuring that credentialed professionals are available to assist regardless of your infrastructure or the nature of the incident. Some Aon specialists also hold top secret security clearances and licenses as private investigators, Certified Public Accountants, actuaries and auditors in jurisdictions around the world. They are highly experienced with providing expert witness testimony, formal reporting to law enforcement, and complying with civil, criminal and regulatory obligations.

Our digital forensics services team has the most comprehensive skills and experience in all areas of digital forensics, including credentialed specialization in:

  • Network, database, mobile devices
  • Malicious code and other types of malware
  • Computer fraud and abuse
  • Data discovery, analytics and disclosure.

Most digital forensics teams consist of technology specialists. Former litigators and prosecutors on our team ensure that legal and business issues are addressed holistically, not just from a purely technical standpoint. Of course, no successful outcome can be guaranteed in every instance, but because of Aon's deep and broad experience, we have a track record of obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients in legal proceedings. In addition, former law enforcement officers and prosecutors — with decades of experience under their belts — provide expert witness testimony in a wide range of jurisdictions covering a wide range of technical areas.


Insurance products and services are offered by Aon Risk Insurance Services West, Inc., Aon Risk Services Central, Inc., Aon Risk Services Northeast, Inc., Aon Risk Services Southwest, Inc., and Aon Risk Services, Inc. of Florida, and their licensed affiliates.

The information contained herein and the statements expressed are of a general nature, not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity and provided for informational purposes only. The information does not replace the advice of legal counsel or a cyber insurance professional and should not be relied upon for any such purpose. Although we endeavor to provide accurate and timely information and use sources we consider reliable, there can be no guarantee that such information is accurate as of the date it is received or that it will continue to be accurate in the future.


Collectively, team members hold over 75 different certifications from vendors and industry groups, ensuring that credentialed professionals are available to assist regardless of your infrastructure or the nature of the incident. 

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