Health, Equity and Affordability Tool

Health, Equity and Affordability Tool

Learn how your organization can benefit from Aon's health, equity and affordability tool. 

Solutions to Rising Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are rising due to inflation and slowing economic growth. These market pressures are even more prominent for disadvantaged, lower-earning employees – further highlighting health equity and access gaps. Employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity are all at risk when costs become unaffordable for employers and employees.

A solution to rising healthcare costs – that is informed by analytics – can guide organizations down the right path toward successfully balancing cost pressures with the employee value proposition. In fact, 73% of organizations say benefits are key to their employee value proposition and strive to offer strategies, solutions and programs to build highly competitive benefits.

Health, Equity and Affordability Tool

With a few census data points, our health, equity and affordability tool helps you connect and understand organizational relationships between healthcare costs and affordability, demographics, physical and mental health conditions, health habits, plan design, location, healthcare labor supply and work productivity. The tool leverages machine learning of healthcare expenditure and affordability predictors to help:

  • Optimize healthcare spend
  • Satisfy employee coverage needs
  • Reduce health risk
  • Improve employee value proposition
  • Identify strategies to address access and affordability

The tool also provides insights related to affordability, social determinants of health through an area deprivation index, and care access, including primary care and mental health shortages. Additionally, it benchmarks these areas related to Aon’s broad client base and similar clients.


29% of employees with employer-sponsored health insurance are “functionally underinsured,” and of them, 61% had healthcare access problems because of cost.

Source: The State of U.S. Health Insurance in 2022, The Commonwealth Fund

How Aon Can Help

  • Deep Expertise and Innovative Solutions

    We can help you optimize healthcare spend, satisfy employee coverage needs, reduce health risk and improve your employee value proposition through a combination of deep expertise and innovative solutions.

  • Customized Client Insights

    Health and benefits costs are different for each employer. Our team works with each client to apply our effective healthcare optimization methodology to each client’s situation to provide tailored health and benefits-related guidance.

  • Data-Driven Predictive Analytics

    Aon uses data-driven predictive analytics and diagnostics to assess, advise and provide innovative solutions that help you balance the need to support employee healthcare affordability while also meeting company goals.

  • Healthcare Industry Experience

    Our industry experience, coupled with our technological capabilities, helps us give clients a unique and precise understanding of their healthcare challenges. Whether an organization is looking to cut costs, get more from the bottom dollar expense or invest in a future workforce, our insight and expertise can help you support your workforce with better healthcare cost solutions.


Based on machine learning analysis of healthcare claims of 1.3 million lives, Aon has identified key predictors of future healthcare expenditures and affordability.

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Improving Healthcare Affordability for Your Employees

As healthcare becomes more expensive, companies are searching for ways to keep costs down for their employees. Focusing on a few core areas can help.

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