Benefits Insights and Analytics

Benefits Insights and Analytics

Learn how your organization can benefit from benefits insights and analytics. 

Unlocking the Value of Benefits Data

Amid rising healthcare and benefits costs, organizations are in a battle to keep their benefit plans affordable without jeopardizing employee satisfaction. The right data can provide employers with the information and guidance they need to optimize benefits investments, improve employee health outcomes and attract talent in an increasingly tight job market.

There are several types of data that can be used to drive decision-making, including:

Why are Benefits Insights and Analytics Important?

While having access to data is a good start, it means nothing without context. At Aon, we help employers make better decisions regarding their benefits strategy by combining data with analytics and actionable insights to deliver innovative solutions that address benefit challenges while providing the most value to employees.

Our proprietary analytics and algorithms assess data on employee health information, insurance and claims, workplace safety, absence and engagement metrics — as well as non-traditional data such as program management — to form a robust view of your workforce's wellbeing and overall benefit program costs.

How Aon Can Help

Aon’s industry-leading team, including hundreds of data scientists and medical specialists, use data-driven insights to inform and advise on areas of opportunity specific to your business goals. As an extension of your team, we take a holistic and collaborative approach, providing guidance during each phase of our three-step process.

  • Diagnose Challenges


    Partner with our team to gather and assess your baseline benefits data to understand health and affordability challenges across your complete workforce.

  • Prescribe Solutions


    Work with our advisers to develop insights that prescribe tailor-made actions you can pursue to address identified benefit and workforce challenges.

  • Measure Results


    After engaging with our team to design and implement actions informed by insights and analytics, we'll measure the return on investment of your program transformation.

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