Claims and Client Services for Insurers

Claims and Client Services for Insurers

Learn how your organization can benefit from our claims and client services.

Clarity and Confidence in Claims and Client Services

In a volatile world, insurers need a strong, global client service and claims management partner to help deliver stability, competitive advantage and sustainable success.

Your Dedicated Global Advocate

We understand the challenges you face, from an increasing number of catastrophe events triggered by climate change and emerging risks such as pandemics, artificial intelligence and cyber risk. Our global team serves as your dedicated advocate to provide the solutions that will protect and help grow your business.

Aon helps (re)insurers reduce cost, resolve claims efficiently and improve performance by leveraging proprietary data and analytics; we go beyond claims management with accounting, contract wording and market security expertise.

The Way We Work: Strategic Insight to Help You Make Better Decisions

  • Pre-Loss

    Understand our clients’ risks and business needs to ensure a highly efficient client-centric recovery service is implemented when the clients need it most. Plan how we will work with our clients and reinsurers at the point of a loss. 

  • Post-Loss

    Execute our plan with excellence and track outcomes. Bespoke communication is delivered to clients in a format and timeframe applicable to each client. Seek our clients’ input against our delivery. Underpinned by annual surveys. Any recommendations noted and implemented. 

  • Claim

    Compassionate response provided to our clients alongside reconfirmation of our offering. Any changes noted and implemented. 

How You Can Benefit

  • Client Service Expertise to Drive Stability
    In a world of rapid social and economic change, we provide innovative claims solutions to support individuals, help communities recover and provide stability. Using advanced technologies to assemble and share critical claims data, we ease the collection process and minimize uncollectible balances. In addition, we ensure your technical accounting requirements are efficiently and proactively managed.
  • Solving Your Complex Claims
    When losses provide challenges, we provide claims advocacy solutions using our industry experience, technical expertise, strategic insight and strong global market relationships. Our claims team offers a holistic view of the claims landscape, reinforced with data and analytics, to assist you in navigating a constantly evolving claims environment.
  • Better Informed with Data and Analytics
    We provide clarity and confidence to make better decisions through data and analytics. This includes vast data mining capabilities across UK/European, Lloyd’s and global markets due to a single global processing system. Our bespoke client and reinsurer packs provide global executive summaries, payment performance reviews and peer benchmarking across all lines of business. Plus, we offer access to Aon’s global market intelligence and proprietary tools, including global catastrophe model developers, Impact Forecasting, to support exposure management and ReMetrica for capital modeling.

    Find out more about Impact Forecasting.
  • Client Connectivity
    Aon’s ABConnect portal provides clients with secure access to account data 24 hours a day. Clients can view information about their contracts, claims, accounting, payments and other related documents, and detailed market analysis. Maintaining and accessing business records can be a time-consuming and administrative process in a world of information overload. The ability for clients to review their portfolio 24/7 across a secure connection is more critical than ever in today’s data-driven environment.

ABConnect Provides the Ability to Review:

  1. Contracts: Contracts presented in an easily understandable format composed of reinsurer line-up, signing status, placement timeline and contract document repository.
  2. Claims and Accounting: The document repository includes ECF collateral funding, funding inventory and tracking contract experience, balances payments, billing status inquiries and FATCA. 
  3. MarketReView®: Access to Aon’s unique proprietary portal, which provides detailed market analysis and news.
  4. Functionality: ABConnect is tailored to individual needs and has the capability to run bespoke claim reports, export data to Excel and PDF easily and email reports. The improved efficiency with one-click quick list reports, user guides and contact links to access support information.


Aon’s ABConnect portal provides clients with secure access to account data 24 hours a day.

Emerging Trends From a Claims Perspective

Leonora Siccardi, Chief Operating Officer of Reinsurance Solutions at Aon, provides an overview of how Aon is working to help improve claims performance and on emerging trends impacting clients from a claims perspective.

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