Providing Global Access to Account Data

ABConnect® is our secure, proprietary web portal providing online global access to account data 24 hours a day.

The portal is available to all Reinsurance Solutions clients. ABConnect offers seamless navigation and a powerful search facility so that its core functionality can be accessed quickly by our clients. Key capabilities include:

  • Contracts - presented in an easily understandable format, and comprised of Reinsurer Line-Up, Signing Status, Placement Timeline and Contract document repository for clients and reinsurer participation and contract document repository for reinsurers
  • Claims and Accounting - including the following:
    • Contract Experience for clients and claim activity and experience for reinsurers
    • Balances
    • Payments
    • Billing Status for clients
    • Inquiries
    • Claims and Accounting document repository
    • Additional Reports and Statistics
    • Collateral Funding - Funding Inventory and Tracking
  • MarketReView - access to our unique proprietary market security portal which contains relevant and useful information on individual reinsurers and the industry as a whole
  • Landing page - tailored to the individual needs or the user, offering:
    • Easy exporting of data to Excel and PDF, in addition to Email reports
    • Improved efficiency wtih one-click "QuickList" reports
    • User Guide" and "Contact Us' links to support information.

Access ABConnect