View of Risk Advisory

View of Risk Advisory

Learn how a custom view of risk can help you make better business decisions. 

Why Develop a View of Risk?

Weather and climate disasters accounted for $132 billion in insured losses in 2022 – marking the fifth costliest year on record for insurers. As the largest driver of volatility on most insurers’ balance sheets, it has never been more important for insurers to take ownership of their view of catastrophe risk — especially in the face of climate change. Making better business decisions on underwriting, pricing and portfolio management begins with a custom view of risk that reflects your unique exposures and profile — for today and into the future.

How Aon Can Help 

At Aon, we help (re)insurers navigate the volatility of natural catastrophes – including understanding the impact of our changing climate both now and in the future. Each portfolio is unique, so we collaborate with clients to create a custom risk view.

Aon’s best practice methodology combines model insight, evaluation and academic research to help insurers understand and apply the relevant results to their portfolio management — from stakeholder reporting to implementing business strategies. Each insurer receives a customized approach to reflect its unique portfolio.

Benefits of Developing a View of Risk

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As we've gained confidence in our view of risk, it allows up to gain clarity in our strategy and tactics. The better we refine our view, the better we can align tactics and strategy to meet that view.

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A Collaborative Approach to Confidence

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    Evaluate model options and identify strengths and concerns

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    Customize the view of risk to account for non-modeled losses and experience

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    Educate internal stakeholders, regulators and reinsurers

Why Work with Us

  • Global Model Evaluation Team

    On our team, we have more than 20 engineers and scientists with expertise in meteorology, hydrology and climate science who help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of all vendor models for each peril and region. Our team conducts claims analysis to validate models, quantifies unmodeled impacts and identifies sources of uncertainty to predict pricing impacts and adjusts modeling input or output data for a custom view of risk.

  • Climate and Catastrophe Data-Driven Insights

    Our Catastrophe Insight database holds details of more than 30 thousand events that have happened since 1800. We also benefit from 14 collaborations with top academic climate researchers that bring the latest science directly to clients to enhance understanding of the risk and create actionable insights — including incorporating this research directly into our Impact Forecasting catastrophe modeling suite.

  • Impact Forecasting's Modeling Suite

    We’ve built over 125 catastrophe models that provide an alternative perspective on peak perils and less-modeled regions. Impact Forecasting is an open catastrophe modeling with the Oasis Loss Modeling Framework for choice, transparency and the ability to manage multiple data formats.

  • Track Your Success

    Implementing your view of risk strategy is an ongoing process and includes Aon’s portfolio accumulation management and individual risk hazard scoring tools to help validate or complement a model.

  • Climate Diagnostics

    We have access to forward-looking hazard data for chronic and acute perils to inform modeling and climate frameworks for different future climate scenarios. This enables clients to measure exposures against climate’s evolving impact and identify the most vulnerable geographies and exposures.


We have more than 20 engineers and scientists with expertise in meteorology, hydrology and climate science who help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of all vendor models for each peril and region.

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2023 Weather Climate and Catastrophe Insight 

As climate change impacts the frequency and severity of costly weather events across the globe, the impact is tangible, immediate and measurable. With this challenge comes opportunity.

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