Automated Event Response

Automated Event Response

Learn how your organization can benefit from Impact Forecasting’s Automated Event Response. 

What is Automated Event Response?

Using weather forecast and station data, Impact Forecasting’s Automated Event Response combines its expertise in natural disaster modeling with a personalized approach to loss estimation.

Using Automated Event Response in the (Re)Insurance Industry
  • Estimating impact on particular portfolios
  • Resources allocation and decision making
  • Claims adjustment process
  • Live cat and industry loss warranty products
  • Benchmarking other estimates

How Weather Forecasts Can Be Turned into Loss Forecasts

Aon's Head of Impact Forecasting, Adam Podlaha, explains how weather forecasts be can translated into loss forecasts.

Automated Event Response by Region

  • U.S. Hurricane

    Perhaps more than any other natural peril, hurricanes can produce some of the most widespread damage and humanitarian impacts from a singular event in the United States. As technological and scientific advances continue to be made, forecasters today better understand where these storms will track and the potential physical impacts they may cause.

  • European Windstorm

    Today’s weather-based computer models offer an opportunity for insurers to estimate the impact of costly windstorms before they occur. Using real-time numerical weather prediction model output from different meteorological agencies can help better quantify and forecast the range of uncertainty when determining loss estimates for a pending event.

  • Japan Typhoon

    Typhoons affect Japan mainly between July and October every year and are among the most damaging perils besides earthquakes. Advancements in global observing systems and computing resources offering more reliable forecasts of storm tracks enable insurers today to have a first-hand grasp of their potential business losses several hours before a typhoon makes landfall.


Impact Forecasting is delighted that Automated Event Response has been recognized by InsuranceERM as the winner of the Catastrophe Risk Modelling Solution of the Year in the 2022 Americas awards.

Additional Catastrophe and Forecasting Solutions

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Catastrophe Insight

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