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Talent Consulting

Learn how your organization can benefit from our talent consulting services.

Future-Proof Your People Strategy

Your organization needs growth, but any growth needs to be profitable. Hiring the wrong people is painful, but an even bigger risk is hiring the right people and not being able to retain them.

With industry lines blurring, companies in every sector are competing for talent with the skills needed to succeed.

To build a workforce that ignites innovation and meets the changing expectations of customers, organizations need to connect their business strategy to their people strategy.

Success today isn’t just hiring people with technical skills. It’s about having a mindset that embraces new ways of operating and rewarding behaviors that impact business performance.

Aon combines market data, powerful tools, and advisory expertise. As a result, you gain long-term solutions that empower you to make confident people decisions and build workforce resilience to withstand market volatility.

Make Better People Decisions to Grow and Transform Your Business

You want to find and keep the right people. You want to pay them appropriately. Plus, you want to be sure they have the attitude and aptitude to do the job well now and grow with you in the future. In short, you want to attract, retain and engage the right people.

We Help Leaders with Their HR Challenges
  • 1. How can I hire the best person for the job?

    Talent acquisition requires a selection process that ensures the right candidates proceed quickly. A fast application process is good for both the candidate experience and the hiring manager. Our Talent Assessment Solutions and Tools help you to find the right talent and support your Employee Value Proposition.

  • 2. What salary should we pay? What Total Rewards package should we offer?

    When you create your Total Rewards strategy — a holistic approach to rewards including incentives, wellbeing and benefits — you want to attract the right applicants and hire the best. Our McLagan and Radford platforms are the go-to choices for compensation data, the foundation of any total rewards package.

  • 3. How do we retain our best people?

    To retain your top talent, you need to offer the right salary and benefits. Our talent experts help calculate the ideal Total Rewards combination. But retaining employees requires more than rewards. You need to develop and support your people. Above all, you need to make sure your Employee Value Proposition is fit for purpose.

  • 4. How do we keep employees motivated and engaged?

    Motivate your employees to stay. Help them get where they want to be and balance their work and home life. Support career progression and talent mobility with organizational structure. Offer a clear job architecture for all roles. Having a defined process to retain your employees will reduce recruitment costs and turnover.

  • 5. How do we identify and develop great managers and address skill gaps?

    We offer a wide range of assessment tools to help you identify the skills you have in your workforce. These tools give you a snapshot of where you are now and how you can close any future skills gaps.

  • 6. How can we support our workforce through transformation or disruption?

    Your workforce needs to be prepared to withstand future disruptions and stresses. This could be external challenges such as geopolitics, mergers and acquisitions or organizational transformation driven by digitization or workforce reskilling programs. Our teams can support you and your people throughout your transformation and help you to build a resilient workforce.

  • 7. How can we improve the resilience of our workforce?

    Understanding the relationship between employees’ work and private lives helps you build a more sustainable working life. Measure your employees’ expectations and experience and align your working models with what matters most to them.

  • 8. How can we invest in our employees’ wellbeing?

    Put a plan in place that covers the five pillars of wellbeing — Emotional and Mental, Physical, Financial, Career and Social. Organizations with a wellbeing strategy are best placed to create value for their people and their business.

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