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Our exclusive focus on health care organizations gives us a unique understanding of the unprecedented challenges organizations and their leadership face. We assist organizations in ensuring that they can recruit and retain top leaders to help them succeed in the new paradigm. Supplemental benefit and retention programs for leadership are an essential component of that strategy. However, the landscape for these plans is changing. Compliance with the changes in IRS regulations, changing economics, and scrutiny of compensation requires new approaches in compensation and benefit programs.

As part of our consulting service, we provide benchmark analysis looking at the quantitative and qualitative competitiveness of benefits in local, regional, and national organizations. In addition, we evaluate current programs for effectiveness, alignment with strategy, and compliance. Understanding peer practices, emerging trends within the highly regulated landscape will enhance your organizations ability to recruit and retain top executives and physicians.

Supplemental Benefit Solutions
Turnover of executives and physicians is at an all-time high. The demand for experienced executives and physicians has caused organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of their current compensation and benefit programs. Given the limitations of qualified benefits for the highly compensated, supplemental benefit programs provide an opportunity to create unique offerings tailored to the highly compensated.

  • SERP design and funding
  • Individual long term disability programs
  • Retention and succession planning
  • Customized supplemental life insurance programs

Physician Integration Solutions
It is essential that health care organizations seeking closer ties with physicians establish appropriate recruitment and retention programs. These programs should tie physicians to the organizations, align incentives and protect the organization's investment. We work with organizations to accomplish the following key points:

  • Evaluating benefits for valuation purposes
  • Structuring acquisition proceeds
  • Developing physician retention plans

Benefit Plan Enrollment Services
Organizations invest considerable time, energy, and expense in designing and delivering benefit programs to their employees at all levels. Often times there are gaps between employees' perceived value of the programs and the value actually provided. We work with our clients to develop and execute a comprehensive communication and enrollment process.

Benefit Plan Administration Services
Nonqualified supplemental plans for professional health care employees have unique support needs. We partner with your health care organization to provide the appropriate level of support. We base our administrative platform on high touch, personal service to the organization and plan participants.

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